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Tuesday, 18 April 2017

10 Things People with Depression want you to know

I have always been very open on here about my battles with depression and how that has impacted on my weight and my self confidence. I am always happy to share with you readers about my depression because I know that it is not my fault I have depression the same as any physical illness is not (usually!) caused by anything we do. I am not ashamed of having depression however as my son Ben does sometimes read my blog and I am aware some other youngsters read my blog I do try to be careful about what I do and don't share. This is the things that in my experiences and that of friends, people with depression want you to know.

A Coffee Break With Jodie from Autism with Lots of Love and Affection

This week on my coffee break series I am chatting to the lovely Jodie who writes a blog called Autism With Lots of Love and Affection about her children particularly her daughter Lola and how autism affects them as a family. As it is still April and Autism awareness month I thought it would be great to feature an autism blogger after sharing my own experiences of autism here.

Friday, 14 April 2017

Garlic Mushroom Risotto

I love risotto and recently decided that I fancied mushroom risotto so after a bit of experimenting I made the following and it was lovely so I thought I would share it!