Personalised Map Gifts - A Review

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When I was approached by the lovely Steph from Juniper Daze to review an item from her Etsy shop I must admit I was excited because I love a personalised gift! There is always something nice about having a little something in your house that is entirely made for you isn't there.

As a family we have made so many happy memories in Mallorca it seemed the perfect place to have a map gift centred around. I left it entirely up to Steph and her creativity to design us something nice to review and the above frame is what she came up with. For us it really is perfect as I take so many photos and the map behind a photo or two on the pegs is just lovely.

Also available from her shop (which you can find here) are lovely coasters, wall tiles, other frames, hanging hearts and more. The map is chosen by you so can be where you were born or where your child was born, a special place from a first date, the place you proposed or got married, the list is endless!

All of the items in the Juniper Daze shop can be made to your specifications and this frame we had is a one off however it will soon be coming to her shop with the map obviously to your preference. As these items are so unique you know that if you go to a wedding for example the chances of someone else gifting the same item are extremely small!

The prices I think are ideal, whilst some people can afford to spend a lot on presents I think that with gifts from £5 there is something for everyone without breaking the bank!

I love the Lord of the Rings gifts (one pictured below) and the Game of Thrones gifts available and I know if you are stuck for a gift for a man for Christmas the football themed ones would be a hit too. Obviously with handmade gifts they wont be available on Christmas eve so get planning ahead and ordering when you know what you want, don't be leaving it until the last minute and ending up buying a box of chocolates at the petrol station instead!

To order pop across to Steph's Etsy shop here or message her through her website here.

Please note I was sent the frame in return for a review on my website however I never guarantee anyone a positive review only that I will share my honest views of a product. All the views shared are my own.

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