Xupo - A Review and Giveaway

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Are you always losing your phone, keys, work pass, or something else? Do you like me spend forever looking for your phone while you are talking on it? I do hope some of you are reading this and as forgetful as me! I am always losing things, though not as often as Stuart and Ben, what is it with men and kids not looking for things properly? If you or someone you know is always losing things then the Xupo could be just what you need! We were lucky enough to be sent one to review!

What is a Xupo?
The Xupo is a small circular tag which can be added to a keyring or similar. By attaching the Xupo to an item such as your keys if you cant find them you can use your smartphone to easily locate them. It is lightweight and discrete but emits a loud sound when activated.

Where can you buy a Xupo?
Amazon sell the Xupo and it can be found here for £20 including free delivery in the UK.

How does the Xupo work?
There is an app you can download for free on your smartphone, available both on the Appstore (Apple) and Play store (Google/Android). Using the app you sync your Xupo and then by using Bluetooth and the location enabled on your smartphone you can press a button to find your Xupo and therefore your keys or whatever it is attached to. The Xupo can also be used to find your smartphone! It can be set up in minutes and when you think of the time spent looking for things it is really a game changer!

Would I recommend the Xupo?

Definitely. The small disc is not noticeable when attached to your keys but what a great idea!

What if you regularly lose more than one thing?

The best thing is if you are always losing a lot of things you can link numerous Xupo tags to different items and label them as you sync them as what they are! They are an amazing idea and will save so much time hunting for things!

To win your own Xupo follow the entry options in the widget below. Giveaway ends 12th October 2017.

Win a Xupo #10

I received the Xupo in return for a review of the product however I never guarantee a company a positive review and all the views are my own from my experiences with the product.

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