Coffee Break Series

Since I started my blog and as such became more active on social media I have been fortunate enough to meet (mostly virtually) other bloggers, social media stars and other people who have inspired me. I want to share these inspirational, funny or fascinating stories with you all so every week I will be chatting to someone new and sharing their story with you.

"A coffee break with" will be a series of these short interviews with links of where to find a bit more about them. I am just an average person and a chat on the sofa over a coffee is much more me than a formal interview and this is very much how these interviews will read so grab a cuppa and enjoy! I sometimes find that reading something different helps distract me from boredom eating or gives me something different to do if I am feeling depressed so maybe this section will help you too. There will be a new interview every week so keep checking back for more to read or subscribe to receive an email every time I update my blog!

To read each post click on its title below, the few words under the title are just to give you a brief insight into the topics discussed. Imagine it like reading a magazine and flicking through different stories.

A Coffee Break with Kayley from Friendly First Foods
Weaning, preschool foods, recipes.

A Coffee Break with Emma Reed - Author and Blogger

A Coffee Break with Hannah, an inspirational 7 year old
Fundraising, charity work

A Coffee Break With Kerry from Kerry Shaw Mummy of Four
Mature student, mum of twins

A Coffee Break with Ashley from #ImNotDrunk
Huntingtons Disease

A Coffee Break with Kelly from Nature Mum Blog
Outdoors activities

A Coffee Break with Sarah Turner
Weight loss

A Coffee Break with Laura from Five Little Doves
Family life, Still birth, Anorexia

A Coffee Break with Hayley from Fat Girl Slim
Weight loss, Congenital Heart Defect (TOF)

A Coffee Break with Ellamental Mama
Mental health, affects of mental health on partner, psychosis, depression

A Coffee Break with Laura from Mama Eden and Me
Same sex relationship parenting

A Coffee Break with Sarah from Boo Roo and Tigger Too
Work at home parenting

A Coffee Break With Jodie from Autism with Lots of Love and Affection
Autism, Special needs

A Coffee Break with Ana from Funky Fitness
Hypothyroidism, metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, weight loss, exercise

A Coffee Break with Josh from Josh's jobs
Debt, making money, community

A Coffee Break with Gemma from Life at Floor Level
Tokophobia, Mental health, maternal mental health

A Coffee Break with Charlotte from Cups of Charlotte
Student parent, military girlfriend, sports, exam tips

A Coffee Break with Vanessa from Olivia's New Life
Fictional blog, Medical school, single mum,

A Coffee Break with Liz Knight, weight loss superstar!
Weight loss of 16 stone.

A Coffee Break with Kate from Modern mum, blogger, farmer and mum to six.
Farming family, blogger, mum to six including twins!



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