I'm Jen, a thirty-something vegetarian, full time mum and average kind of woman! I lost over ten stone in 16 months by healthy eating and no exercise! I live in Kirkby in Ashfield in Nottinghamshire and cook for myself and my family on a budget and love experimenting with different foods and flavours in the kitchen! I have depression and I am also open about having been in abusive relationships in the past because I feel these are nothing to be ashamed of. I started running almost a year after losing my weight and to my surprise realised I quite enjoy it. Blogging about life, food and me!

I have a YouTube video here

My Family

I live with my partner Stuart who is likely to also feature in my blog. We met through Slimming World and he lost a whopping 22 stone by also following a healthy eating plan. My son Ben is 11 and he has some disabilities which can make life a challenge at times but he is amazing too. Ben is likely to feature in my blog also as I aim to feed him as healthy food whilst still allowing him to be a typical child and have treats. Ben enjoys cooking with me and I will be likely to share some of his favourite foods with you too. Neither Stuart or Ben are vegetarian and I cook meat daily for them so can often offer both vegetarian and meat recipes however as a vegetarian I will always let you know how well I managed to adapt a recipe to make it suitable for vegetarians.

The aims of my blog

I started my blog as a way of sharing my weight loss success and inspiring others to change their lives like I have. I share recipes, reviews and products which I find helpful and hope they help others also. I am always as open and honest as I can in sharing the difficulties I have encountered as well as the successes I have because I am just an average woman with an average life. I cook on a budget so aim to always use ingredients that are relatively easy and cheap to get hold of and meals which can be cooked around being a mum. Life gets in the way sometimes of healthy eating and I will share these challenges also because we are all only human and these challenges are normal. My blog will also cover other lifestyle and household topics I feel would also be relevant and interesting to my readers.

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  1. Love you and your honesty Jen.
    Hope to see you soon
    Tony xx

  2. Love you and your honesty Jen.
    Hope to see you soon
    Tony xx

  3. Completely inspiring! Wow! Off to find some of your recipes.......

  4. Thank you for such lovely comments

  5. I am almost exactly where you were at the beginning Jen and feeling a bit down about the mountain to climb. Your story is so inspiring that I want to do the same. Thanks for sharing and being so honest. You are amazing x

  6. Wow ! Youve done brillant and should give yourself a pat on the back ! Bloody brillant hearing slimming world works and to see you can have your life turnt upside down and still be okay x