I have always been very open on here about my battles with depression. Frequently I have shared how that has impacted on my weight and my self confidence. I am always happy to share with you readers about my depression. It is not my fault I have depression the same as any physical illness is usually not caused by anything we do.

I am not ashamed of having depression. That said as my son Ben reads my blog and other youngsters do too I try to be careful about what I share. This is the things that in my experiences and that of friends, people with depression want you to know.

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Woman Having Counselling Session

I do care

If I don’t see you for a while or I am quiet when we do talk it isn’t because I don’t care. I do. I just feel like I am worthless and that you only talk to me because you feel you have to. Often I don’t feel I am worthy of being in your life and taking up your time.

I don’t want anyone to see me

When you ask me to meet you for a coffee I would like to but I feel so worthless. Just looking in the mirror makes me feel worse about myself so I don’t want anyone to see me.

A hand rising up through the top of the water as if drowning

I feel worthless

I may look scruffy or not wear make up that I used to. This is because I feel like I look awful whatever I wear so there seems no point.

I think you deserve better

When you call me and I don’t say much on the phone it isn’t that I am not interested. Maybe all I can think is that I am worthless. I often wonder why you are calling me when you have much better things you could do.

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Sometimes I hide it

When I have a good day and I seem myself it isn’t that my depression has gone. It could just be that today I am a bit better at hiding it.

I wish I could change

Unfortunately I can’t just “cheer up” or “look at the positives” it isn’t that easy.

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I don’t want to waste your time

If I say I want you to go away and leave me alone I probably just feel worthless. I am thinking of you, and I feel you could do better with your time. Reassuring me this is not the case could help me.

I may just need a hug

Sometimes I just need a hug and to know you are there. Please don’t be offended if I can’t tell you what is wrong. Sometimes I don’t really know myself.

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Mother and Daughter Reading Together

I need a bit of support

I might sometimes need your encouragement to go to the doctors for help. You could suggest we get some fresh are and go out for a little walk. A bit of support to encourage me to have you over for a coffee could help too so please don’t give up on me. Please help me when I need you. I am depressed but I am still me and need my friends/family.

Depression is in it for the long haul

It is not just a bad day or a bad few days because you have had an argument with someone. Depression is not when you don’t have enough money for a night out this week. It also isn’t when you just don’t feel like going to work today. Depression is a long term feeling of worthlessness, sadness and feeling that things will never get better. This is because depression is an illness.

A green Samaritans graphic with important numbers

If you have read this and need someone to talk to the Samaritans are always there. I have phoned them before. So I can assure you it is anonymous. You will be listened to whatever the time of day or night.

It is always worth looking into what therapies are available too. I have found CBT helpful along with more standard type counselling.

It can be hard to make that step to talk to your GP. It helps though as you can then locate a psychotherapist who can help.

Do you have a friend with depression or maybe you have depression yourself? Share this post on your social media to show everyone how people with depression feel. These depression poems help you to feel less alone.

Personally I think it is more helpful than a simple status that someone has told you to share. It shows you have truly read and thought about how to help someone.

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If you found this helpful please share!

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