We all like to be nosey don’t we so I thought I would share a few things with you today that you are likely to not know about me. It seemed a fitting post given I have a lot of new followers lately and of course even my oldest friends are curious I am sure!

Jen and Ben on the beach
Jen and Ben on the beach

I was born in Essex but spent most of my childhood in Hull. Unusually, I quite like moving house and as an adult have moved house more times than I can remember! I am settled now though and have no plans to move again. Unless of course I come into a lot of money, then of course the first thing I will do is buy a house and contact a mover to get our stuff packed up to move abroad!

10 things about me and who I am!

I absolutely hate mayonnaise, except egg mayonnaise, I love that!

Embarrassingly I broke my cheekbone when I was 20, young and silly, it was an alcohol-related accident!

I enjoy watching real-life crime programmes and spend hours a week watching them. Often listening to them, even in the background whilst I work on the laptop.

I am not a morning person. Every morning when I wake up I am grouchy and not great to communicate with!

I don’t watch many films as I have no concentration for them and always forget what I have watched. It is amusing how I am hopeless for knowing actors names.

I studied psychology at university and then years later started a maths and statistics degree with The Open University but didn’t finish it. However, I did love my time at university.

I absolutely hate daddy long legs insects – I don’t mind spiders or any other insects but hate these things!

Despite doing psychology at university, I have always been interested in writing and journalism and even wanted to be a journalist when I was 9. So, blogging is the perfect job for me.

I hate being called Jan when my name is Jen – it is a three-letter name and the number of people that get it wrong is insane!

How about you?

Is there anything about your name people always get wrong? Do comment and let me know I am not alone! I love to do random acts of kindness whenever I can too, are you similar? Recently, I have found some great new ideas from a fellow bloggers post, Laura shares 40 random acts of kindness to do before you are 40. I love this so much I am going to aim to do it!

10 Things you didn't know about me and who I am!

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