The A-Z of Unexpected advantages to losing a lot of weight!

When you aim to lose a lot of weight you know that your clothes sizes will change, the number on the scales will change and that your confidence may improve. I had been overweight for a number of years, all my adult life so I think you get used to how you are and don’t imagine any different. Some changes were surprising to me when they happened so I thought I would share in case it gives anyone a giggle or inspires anyone to want to see these changes in themselves.

photo of jen and ben both inside jens old black trousers and stripy zebra jumper

A – Average….. I finally feel average, that is all I ever wanted to feel was just the same as everyone else, not someone who stuck out because of their size!

B– Bed…..I used to regularly break the slats in my old bed or they would pop out because I was so heavy and was always so conscious if sleeping away from home that I would do the same if it was a cheap bed like mine. I have since bought a lovely new bed knowing I cant break it anymore.

C– Cartwheels…..Ok I cant actually do a cartwheel but I am much more bendy than I used to be and feel like doing cartwheels when I look in the mirror and see thinner Jen looking back – I still am shocked each time!

D– Doughnuts….. I love doughnuts and never thought it possible to eat them and lose weight but you know what, you can! Wow if someone told me I could do that years ago maybe I would have tried Slimming World sooner!

E– Events and Evenings out….. I now feel I can go to these things as my confidence has improved and it is easier to find something to wear, I would often avoid them in the past as I was so embarrassed that I was so big and had nothing nice to wear.

F– Food….. Even though I have lost so much weight I still eat proper food and can eat anything I like. I love my food and there is no way I would have coped with a restrictive diet to keep my weight off but with Slimming World I can still eat anything I want to pretty much and therefore it will be something I do for life.

G– Gap….. I actually have a thigh gap! Never imagined I could have that, but it is something to remember if you’re texting on the toilet!

H– Health….. My health has improved so much, I used to have fibromyalgia which has practically disappeared now I have lost weight. I can breathe better at night and need my asthma inhaler less. I generally feel fitter and can do things like go upstairs without struggling for breath!

I– Inches….. I have lost so many inches in my weight loss, I really didn’t expect that I could lose so much! I have lost 22″ from my waist, 10″ from each thigh, 16″ from my bust, and obviously lost inches over my whole body, except my height, I’ve not shrunk yet!

J– Jen….. I am Jen now, not hiding trying to be less noticeable, not worrying what other people think, I have the confidence now to be Jen and be who I want to be.

K– Kettle….. Ok so I did know what a kettle was before, but I love my flavoured teas and flavoured coffees so I use my kettle a lot more than I ever did!

L– Legs….. I actually have legs, ok I know I did before but I actually can get them out now and they don’t look like tree trunks anymore so I wear shorts, bikinis, dresses and skirts! Not only do I wear them, I feel great in them!

M– Mum….. I always considered myself to be a good mum and wouldn’t have believed that losing weight would affect my parenting however it has. I am much more confident to take my son out now and have more energy to play with him.

N– Necklaces….. they actually fit and hang like they are designed to now my neck is thinner! I have lost 6cm off my neck so it is no wonder I used to have to buy longer chains and nothing ever looked dainty!

O– Obese….. A word I will never have to hear the doctors say again when I step on the scales.

P– Public Toilets….. I have since I lost weight realised that actually all the public toilets that I thought had really small cubicles actually don’t, I was just that big that I struggled to get in and around the door etc!

Q– Quit….. I will not quit I have found something that works for me and doesn’t feel like a diet so I know I will follow it for life, I am no quitter and I know if I did quit I would be soon back to the 22 stone plus woman who desperately wanted to be where I am today!

R– Rainbow….. I now feel comfortable wearing a whole rainbow of colours, though not at the same time! I used to live in black and dark colours even in the summer!

S– Shoes….. My shoes all fit better and I have much more choice in shoes because I can wear nice slinky dresses that need nice shoes, there is no point buying nice shoes when you only ever wear jogging bottoms and t-shirts!

T– Towels….. It is so much easier to have a bath or shower when a towel actually fits around your whole body!! Not to mention the fact that in the bath my body doesn’t form dams of water and I have space around me rather than touching each side!

U– Underwear….. It is so much easier to buy nicer underwear in the more usual sizes than the plus sizes and it fits so much better too when you’re not squeezing into too small sizes!

V– Vegetables….. Ok we all know that vegetables are good for us even if we are overweight and don’t eat them often, but I have discovered a love for vegetables I didn’t even know that I liked and I love the fact that eating vegetables adds colour to meals too.

W– Washing…..Silly as it sounds I actually have so many less loads of washing as my clothes are much smaller!

X– X-Ray….. Ok so I have not had an X-ray but the letter X is hard so forgive me! I did however discover in losing weight that my bones aren’t as big as I had kid myself (and bones would show on an x-ray so it does work with x!). I always believed I had big bones and broad shoulders but now looking at photos I see I don’t really, I was just kidding myself with excuses.

Y– Years….. The years I will have added to my life expectancy by choosing a healthier lifestyle and loosing the excess weight.

Z– Zoo….. I don’t feel like I am at the zoo as people no longer stare at me when I walk past or if I am eating something as I walk down the street people just carry on whereas when I was at my biggest people would stare as if to say “always eating no wonder she is that size” or that’s how I felt anyway!Z is also for zebra, I had a hideous zebra jumper I wore when I was big, my son called me a fat zebra in it, I am so glad I am not that fat zebra anymore!

So many things change when you lose weight and change your life like I have. My life feels so different now and I am so much happier. If you are reading this and not happy with yourself you can make changes too, remember once I thought I couldn’t, I thought I would quit, but I didn’t and I have learnt that if you want something badly enough and try hard enough you can do it.

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  1. November 4, 2015 / 12:32 pm

    Great list Jen… love it well done x

  2. soph
    November 4, 2015 / 12:41 pm

    Love your blog you sound like a wonderful lady who could inspire so many people! Well done for sharing xx

  3. Anonymous
    November 4, 2015 / 9:55 pm

    Love this. Needing some inspiration badly and this has given me that. Thanks

  4. Anonymous
    November 16, 2015 / 11:33 pm

    Finding your blog couldn't have come at a better time,just the inspiration I need at the moment,thank you xx

  5. Anonymous
    November 29, 2015 / 8:50 am

    Love this – well done!

  6. January 2, 2016 / 9:31 pm

    Thanks for the great comments I love writing my blog!

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