Friday favourites 11th December 2015

Hello again! Apologies that this week this post is a little late I’ve had a hectic week! Appointments looking at schools and being poorly myself after Ben was poorly last week! However I have stuck to plan and almost back at target now after losing 2lb on the scales this week!

Favourite budget meal this week
Rosemary and Caramelised red onion mini quiches

this is not so much a meal but more of a snack though with salad, potatoes etc it would also make a yummy cheap meal too!

I made 30 mini quiches using the following, obviously you could make many less by changing the ingredients!

12 large eggs
2 250g tubs of fat free cottage cheese with chives or onion and chives (I use the aldi one as its cheap!)
bunch of rosemary (around 15g) finely chopped
700g red onions finely chopped
2 tbsp. granulated sweetener
Frylight or other low calorie cooking spray

Fry the onions in the cooking spray with the sweetener until starting to soften, then add the rosemary and cook until onions are soft. mix in with the beaten eggs and cottage cheese and then spoon into silicone baking cases or similar. I use silicone cases as they don’t stick and therefore makes it easy! Bake in preheated oven for around 30 minutes 200c.

Favourite Recipe this week

Tikka Masala Spice

In a recipe it asked for Tikka masala spices yet nowhere I looked had any that were syn free (didn’t include potato starch or sugar!) so I made my own which was lovely! Here is the ingredients!

6tsp Ground Cumin
6tsp Ground Coriander
6tsp Paprika
6tsp Garlic Granules
4tsp Garam Masala
3tsp Ground Ginger
3tsp Mint (dried though I imagine fresh would work as well!)
2tsp Medium Chilli Powder

mix all the spices together and you have Tikka curry powder!

Favourite vegetable of the week

I love mushrooms and have them in pretty much every meal! I love the big ones stuffed or with Babybel lights melted in. I love normal white mushrooms in most things I cook, chestnut mushrooms are nice for a slightly nutty taste too. The exotic mushrooms are nice too in the odd recipe though I think often overpriced so I don’t use them often! I even love mushrooms raw on salads!

Favourite fruit of the week
These are quite good value at the moment which is always good I find when buying fruit! I do love plums, Ben loves plums and Stuart loves plums so I buy a lot of plums so I never have to miss out and discover someone has eaten them all! Lately they have often been in the reduced section at the shop too which is good because if they are the ripen at home packs they don’t need eating straight away anyway so saving money is even better!
Favourite child friendly/family meal of the week
Tomato Soup
Although I am putting this as a child friendly meal Ben doesn’t like soup really though I know a lot of children do and it is a good way of sneaking vegetables into their diet if you struggle! It is a super easy meal so fits around a busy day perfectly!
1 can baked beans
2 cans chopped tomatoes or cartons of passata, wither work well
1 can of carrots
1 vegetable stock cube
1/2 pint water
1 large pickled onion or 5 small pickled onions
Blend all ingredients together in a pan then heat and serve! It is as easy as that! 
Favourite herb/spice of the week

I love using rosemary when doing roasted vegetables but it also goes well in the quiche recipe above, I am useless at growing anything so I buy it when I need it but those green-fingered amongst you could grow your own easily enough I imagine!

Favourite bargain buy of the week
This week at Aldi I think the “super 6” are brilliant for making a cheap Sunday roast, a big bag of potatoes, a bag of parsnips, bag of sprouts, bag of carrots, broccoli and little gem lettuce (no use for the Sunday roast in my eyes though each to their own!) all for 39p each! Who says it is expensive to eat healthily!! I do love my bargains and try to base meals around what is on offer when I can so this is a good one for me as I use all those things most Sundays anyway! 
I hope you have all enjoyed reading about my favourites this week! Are you all doing ok with the run up to Christmas? Mince pies and cake are so tempting aren’t they!! Just remember if you eat it don’t be surprised if it shows on the scales, if you’re happy with that go ahead, if you will be upset then don’t eat it and risk it!

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