Don’t Give up – hints and tips to keep you going!

Recently I have had a lot of messages from my readers asking for my help because they are starting to struggle. Starting to lose weight at the beginning of January was a great idea but now they are thinking of giving up. Whilst I respond to all the messages I get it can take me a while at times so I wanted to put together a post with my advice in and also for those who maybe are feeling like they want to give up and just need that little push to keep at it. So here are my top tips to stay on plan! Whilst I do Slimming World and my tips are based on this I cant see why they couldn’t be used in any other weight loss plan.

Keep your meals varied
Try and swap things around a bit, if the last 3 weeks have consisted of you having the same 3 meals you know are on plan constantly then of course you are getting bored. Try new recipes, or adapt the recipes you do like. If you are looking for new recipes to try there are some of my favourites here which may help you or search online, on the Slimming World website or ask in your group.

Change the way you cook your foods
Ok, so many people say they don’t like many vegetables or they don’t feel comfortable trying new things so why not change the way you cook things so try roasted carrots instead of boiled carrots etc. Add a few different herbs or spices to a meal and see how much it alters the flavour.
Adding a bit of a different flavour can help!
Think about why you decided to lose weight in the first place
Look back at why you made the decision to join Slimming World or the reason you started losing weight, was it a bad photo of you? Do you have an event coming up you want to be slimmer for? Was it for health reasons? Whatever the reason think about that again and think about how much you want that goal, try having something to remind you of that on the fridge so when you are tempted to go off plan you remember how important it is to you!

Think about your expectations
Are you disappointed because you had hoped to lose more weight by now than you have? It is never going to be easy changing the way you eat but you are doing it because you want to lose weight and if you take it steady and don’t be too harsh on yourself you will succeed. You don’t have to lose a stone a month or even half a stone a month, as long as the number on the scales is generally going in the right direction don’t beat yourself up about it. You didn’t gain weight overnight so do not expect to lose it overnight, you can do it if you don’t give up!

You’ve had a gain on the scales?
You are thinking of giving up because you’ve had a gain on the scales? Have you learnt from it? did you do something you hadn’t realised was off plan? Did you enjoy yourself and chose to take a break for a night out? Whatever the reason you can move on from it a gain will only stop your journey if you let it!

Look at how far you have come already
So you may have lost a few pounds already, maybe more, but you will be feeling some benefits by now I am sure. Are your clothes getting a little loser? Do you feel like you have more energy? Are your children eating more healthily? Look at these positive changes already and remember if you carry on these will continue.
You don’t have to go without!
Were you happy before?
You must have felt that you wanted to lose weight for a reason, if you give up now you will be back where you were before soon enough and wishing you had stuck to it. Do you want to look back next January 1st and wish you had continued so you weren’t making that same resolution again or do you want to look back and think “wow I am so glad I did that”?

Are you listening too much to others?
Is someone telling you they love you as you are? Is someone saying that you don’t need to lose weight? Is someone you used to go for cake with trying to tempt you to go out for coffee and cake again? This is your decision, you chose to lose weight, whatever everyone else thinks about your weight if you want to do it you need to remember it is your body and it is you that sees it in the mirror every day. If you are not happy with what you see and want to lose weight do not let anyone stop you. A good friend, family member or partner will respect that you want to do this and support you.

Are you missing a particular food/drink?
Do you actually need to cut it out completely or are you being to harsh on yourself? Remember everything in moderation is ok, on Slimming World this is why we have syns! Do not give up just because you are being too hard on yourself, a small glass of wine within your allowance or some chocolate if you can is ok and if you stick within your syns you can still lose weight! If you are missing having a whole pack of cookies or a family size bar of chocolate a night then you need to think about what you want more, the food that will be gone in half an hour or the body you dream of? Do not make yourself go without anything completely, work out how to have it on plan and be realistic, you cant expect to eat a bag of doughnuts a day and lose weight, think about what means most to you!

Share ideas and keep trying new things
Chat to fellow slimmers at your group or online, try new things and swap ideas. If you stay to your Slimming World group and get new ideas and support when you struggle you are less likely to get bored and quit. There are so many foods out there you can eat and lose weight you don’t have to just eat salad!

Take it a day at a time and you will soon achieve your dreams, come on you can do it just don’t give up!

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