Half way hints for when you feel like giving up!!

When you start your weight loss journey you inevitably have a target in mind be that a target weight, a target clothes size or a target such as being able to go on an aeroplane without a seatbelt extension! Whatever your aim it is pertinent to you and whether you have 10lb to lose or 10 stone it is still likely to be an emotional and difficult journey for you. As I needed to lose a lot of weight and know the feelings I had surrounding this I guess a lot of what I say will be most applicable to others aiming to lose large amounts however I believe people with less to lose are still likely to experience the same feelings and struggles.
During the early part of a weight loss journey usually people find the weight comes off quite quickly with sometimes a few pounds lost every week. Before long you have the motivation of your first and maybe second awards, maybe you will even win slimmer of the week in group, you go down a clothes size. Your clothes are feeling loser and people start to notice your weight loss and praise your efforts whilst they encourage you to keep going. During this time motivation is high, nothing is going to stop you, you have that target in sight and won’t let anything get in your way!
So fast forward to a few weeks or months later, the point that your weight is still decreasing but at a slower rate. or Maybe you are maintaining and feel you have reached a plateau. Motivation is dropping now, and you’ve already lost a fair chunk of what you wanted to so actually you feel pretty good about yourself. This is where the half way doubts start!

Try your old clothes on and see how far you have come!

Has your weight loss slowed down? have you reached a plateau and feel that whatever you do the weight wont come off? Have you had a busy week and take away is tempting as a “reward” for how well you’ve done so far? Are you getting bored of the food you are eating and thinking of giving up? Have you gained weight and that has left you disheartened? Do you feel you are being pressured by someone to stop? Maybe you feel like you look ok now so what’s the point in carrying on?

Whatever the reason you are wondering now about carrying on with your weight loss or the reason you are struggling here are some tips for you which may help! If they do please comment and let me know!
– Treat today as a new day, forget the gains, struggles or food of last week or even yesterday. Get your food optimising book out from your joining pack (If like me you follow Slimming World) and give it a good read. Look out for things you like in there but haven’t been eating and jot them down.
– Think about why you initially started to lose weight, have you reached that mental target yet? Have you reached the target on the scales yet? Do you know where you want your target to be? If you’re unsure or genuinely thinking about stopping and calling target at this point then a previous blog post of mine may help you with that decision…. Decisions, Decisions, where should target be?
– Write down 5 vegetables you like and think of a new way to cook each of them or a new dish to have them in during this coming week. So maybe you like peppers but always cut them up to fry them, try stuffing them this week for example.

– This week write down everything you eat, as you eat it, then at the end of the day look and see if actually you’ve had the right proportions and you have eaten enough! Remember your body wont let you lose weight if you are not eating enough!
– Get out an old photo from before you started losing weight and take a picture now and look at them side by side, spot the differences and be proud.
– Plan your meals for the week ahead, chose meals you haven’t had in a while, do not let yourself get stuck in a rut eating the same things again and again as this is when you will get bored and think of quitting!
– Set yourself mini targets. Where do you want to be by the end of the month, pick a reasonable target and work towards that not worrying so much about the ultimate target just focussing on the small aims.
– If you are being tempted too easily by things in the cupboards for the kids throw them out (the sweets not the kids!), put them out of the way, or put something healthier you like next to it.
– Be honest with yourself, are you sneaking little extras in when you pop to the shops? Are you picking a few bites off the kids left overs? Have you started guessing syns or weights and stopped checking things properly?
Buy or make a meal planner so you can plan meals for the week!

– Prepare food in advance where you can, whether that is chopped fruit or veg sticks in the fridge, ingredients half prepared for the evening meal when you are doing breakfast in the morning, or even just getting the ingredients out on the worktop before you go out. If you have everything there to easily make a healthy meal you are less likely to be tempted to make or even order something different.
– Think about your snacking habits! Are you actually hungry when you are snacking? Could you be thirsty? I am terrible for not drinking enough and mistaking thirst for hunger! Could you be bored?
– Be kind to yourself and cut yourself a bit of slack! Are you thinking of giving up because you hoped to have lost more by now? Keep going, however slowly it comes off it will still take you to your target! I heard a phrase yesterday which I loved, a dripping tap will still fill a bath!
– Try different healthy extras, different ways to use your syns, different meals and see if the change helps your body to start losing again if you feel you have reached a plateau.

– Put your old clothes on and feel the difference in what you have lost so far! Take a moment to remember how tight they may have felt when you wore them, imagine being that size again, is this where you want to go, back to where you started? If it isn’t then the only way is forward, to keep going or decide to maintain at where you are now, neither are giving up!
– Stop comparing yourself to others! So, someone else at group does exercise, that doesn’t mean you have to! You’ve seen a programme about excess skin in one person, that doesn’t mean you will get it, I didn’t do too bad at all (shown on this previous blog post here). You know someone else’s weight and this demoralises you, remember everyone is built differently, 12 stone, for example, looks different on everyone! Compare yourself only to what you were when you started.
– Put yourself first, think about how much you want this weight loss and do it for you, not for anyone else but for you! I know as a mum I rarely feel like I do anything for myself but my weight loss, and now my blog, is something I always felt was time for me. It doesn’t take much time out of your week to go to a group, cook a slightly different meal (remember there’s nothing stopping your family eating the same as you!) or to check the syn value of something before you buy it. These little bits of time will all add up and take you to your dream.

– Buy a fruit you wouldn’t normally buy to snack on, trying something different can spark your interest again! Just because you always eat apples doesn’t mean you need to continue always having apples, have a look see what takes your fancy in the shops! A nice sweet fruit can sometimes surprisingly fill that gap when you have a sweet tooth!
– Be proud of yourself and how far you have come already, whether you have lost a number of stones so far, a number of pounds so far, or even if you have gained and you are back to where you started, be proud that you made that decision that you wanted to do something about it and DO NOT GIVE UP!!

I really hope these help some of you in some way, please do comment and let me know if they do it will be nice to know.
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  1. Anonymous
    January 31, 2016 / 5:15 pm

    Makes great reading thanks xx

  2. Anonymous
    February 2, 2016 / 12:09 pm

    I joined before Xmas but needed an eye op.so couldn't continue group so what I lost went back on Om now looking for a group to join reading.ur blog as inspired me on so thank you xx

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