New Year, New You…….but for how long?

So now were in 2016, and people across the world are making new years resolutions and planning to change their lives this year. Whether it be stopping smoking, getting fit, losing weight, learning to drive, learning to swim, be more caring to others, change jobs, or something else a huge majority of people go into February or March having given up already! I am also like this and often have given up mine! In recent weeks I have been asked many times what made me stick to it and how I would advise someone else to keep going in their new years resolution! I am by no means an expert, the exercise bike I use as a clothes horse is proof of that!! However in 2014 my resolutions were to lose weight, get fit, be more positive about myself and end my abusive marriage, I didn’t get fit but managed the rest so I am happy with that! So here is my words of wisdom for anyone who thinks they may help them!!

If I set a target surely I am only setting myself up to fail?

Not if you set a realistic target! Why not set a target based on how you will feel rather than a number on the scales? For example “I want to feel comfortable to wear a dress next Christmas” and then month by month set yourself mini targets of how much you want to lose.
How did you stop yourself giving up after the first gain/struggle?

Keep looking at how far you have come, why you want to achieve this, and the differences you have seen already. If your clothes are now too big try them on when you feel unmotivated and see how far you have come, make comparison photos showing you before you started and at the point you’re struggling. Most of all remember that everyone struggles and everyone has gains it will only stop you reaching your target if you let it!
When I reach a plateau how can I stop myself losing motivation?

Again look how far you have come, do comparison photos and try on your now too big clothes. Sometimes we hit a plateau because we have become complacent and going back to a “week 1” and writing everything down and checking everything can help too.
I’ve given up before why will this time be any different?

It will be different if you want it to be different, put plans in place and make sure this time you don’t give up. When you feel like you might give up look how far you’ve come already, look to others who have lost weight and think about if you want to achieve that too. Remember if you have a day off its just a day you can get back to it and not give up!
How will I know if Slimming World is the right weight loss plan for me?

I found that for me Slimming World was definitely the weight loss plan for me because it involved very little weighing and measuring, it was simple, I don’t feel like I am on a diet and it is so family friendly. Everyone however is different but if you don’t try it you wont know if it is for you!

When I feel depressed I eat, but I want to lose weight! Help?

I do too, I still lost over 10 stone! Try to find other things that satisfy you when you feel down, and don’t beat yourself up if you do emotionally eat sometimes just carry on. I recently wrote a blog post about emotional eating and depression from my experiences which can be found here Fighting emotional eating and depression, an on-going battle!

I won’t stick to it when it’s my birthday/wedding/kids birthday/holiday so what’s the point?

There are 365 days in a year, 366 this year! If you do not have an event like this every day what’s to stop you just being sensible when you can on those days and the rest of the year sticking to your plan and achieving what you want. I have had odd days off plan for birthdays etc and as long as you have many more days on plan than off plan there is no reason it should stop you!

I want to get fit, you’re so slim now so surely you are fitter, any advice?
I may be slim but I am not really any fitter than I was, I do not do exercise, the closest I do to running is running a bath, or running up stairs when my son shouts he’s been sick!! A few times I have attempted to try exercise but it just isn’t me! Based on my experiences I would advise not to do what I did and think you can just start by running 5 miles and then be disappointed when you can’t! I would also say to avoid buying a gym membership if you know the likelihood of you using it is zero, save the money for clothes or shoes that you will actually use!! On a more serious note, whatever you do take it slowly and be safe. If you are looking to start running and think you can’t here is a bit of inspiration for you, my boyfriend Stuart was 37 Stone when he joined Slimming World and even drove to the local shop a few hundred yards away, during his weight loss journey he started exercising and now after losing over 22 stone he is training to run the London Marathon this year for Cancer Research UK. If you want to read more about his amazing story he writes a blog which can be found here, From 37 Stone to 26 point 2 Miles.
Whatever your New Year’s Resolution is I truly hope that you can succeed and remember Rome wasn’t built in a day if this time next year you are not where you hoped to be but you are closer than you are now then you have succeeded! Believe in yourself and have a great 2016!

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