It’s all about the change….no scales!

As the song “All about that bass” says “don’t worry about your size” remember its not all about the number on the scales it is about how you feel about yourself. Here are my thoughts on keeping motivated when the number on the scales is not what you want to see.

So, you are sticking to plan but feel like nothing is changing because the numbers on the scales are not changing much if at all and you are starting to feel like giving up? Is this you? This was me at a few points during my weight loss journey and then since I got to target my attempt to maintain around that point! Don’t give up, remember if you do you will soon be back where you started and wishing that you were where you are today!

I have previously written about some of my non scale victories and unexpected advantages to losing weight which you may have read before but if not it can be found here and may give you a giggle! Everyone is different but here are a few things to watch out for that may keep you motivated when you’re struggling and show you that there is so much more to weight loss than the number on the scales!


You are a work in progress!


Clothes sizes – This is obviously one you are likely to easily notice when you have lost enough to change sizes, but what about that initial point when you have lost some weight but you are still in the same clothes sizes. It is so easy at that point to feel like you haven’t changed at all but are you wearing a belt where you didn’t used to or are you finding the button a little easier to do up? If your clothes are looser then you are changing.

Confidence РDo you wear brighter clothes, dresses or more fitted clothes? When you feel like you are not changing look at these differences and see how far you have come. Look back at old photos, were you hiding in the background in dark baggy clothes? What are you wearing now? Would you have worn it before you lost weight?

Little changes for a healthier future РDo you use sweetener in your drinks instead of sugar or drink coffee/tea black? Do you eat more vegetables? Are you using low calorie cooking spray instead of oil? Do you cook more from scratch instead of using jars and frozen food filled with fat and sugars? These changes all add up and by sticking with them you are making a difference to your future.

Your children – Have you started to feed them a more healthy diet? Do you see a difference in them? Look at how they see you, even if the numbers on the scales are not moving as quickly as you would like the difference you are making to your children and the way they see you will be there and I am sure you wouldn’t want to go back to the way you were for their sake.

Your reflection – Look in the mirror, what do you see? Even the first few pounds you lose will be showing a little somewhere so however much you have lost so far there will be a difference somewhere. Accept that you may not be happy with your reflection yet, you may never be happy with it, but that it is better than it was! Look for those small changes, is your face more defined? Can you see a waist emerging? Do you have more of a thigh gap? Keep looking until you see a difference because there will be one there somewhere.

Your eating patterns – Do you eat full meals now when you used to snack? Do you enjoy eating breakfasts? Did you used to feel more lethargic because you were eating the wrong foods and now you feel you have more energy?

Your vital statistics – Keep taking your measurements, they could well be changing and those little centimetres all add up and it is great to see those numbers go down! I would recommend not just taking the bust/chest, waist and hip measurements but taking any that are important to you. I took measurements of my bust, waist, neck, thigh and top of arms! On a bad day look at these changes too you have lost some here even if you haven’t yet dropped down a clothes size.

Keep going!

So if you are reading this thinking of giving up or feeling discouraged that the numbers on the scales are not changing quickly enough look back at how far you have come already and all the little changes you have made. The weight didn’t go on overnight so it wont come off overnight either but you are going to get where you want to be and that is all that matters.

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