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The majority of my blog posts are my little tips and ideas based on my Slimming World success and what worked for me and helped me lose my weight. Obviously that has all worked for me otherwise I wouldn’t have lost almost 10 and a half stone just by healthy eating and no exercise but what works for one person doesn’t always work for everyone so for this post I thought I would compile you all a list of tips from some of the countries top Slimming World success stories. Some of the names you may recognise and others you may not but with their weight loss success I am sure you will see they are all amazing and with their tips you can be too! Hopefully there will be a tip or two amongst them that inspires you or gives you a good idea or two!

Stuart Eggleshaw


Stuart Eggleshaw lost 22 stone 9lb to become Slimming World’s National Greatest loser 2014. His top tip is “if like me you are a bit of a grazer and pick foods all day, try swapping the biscuits  and crisps etc for berries, grapes and other easy to pick at fruit. Cut up a hifi bar into small pieces and put in the fridge so when you do feel like a little something naughty have a bit of that and it feels naughty and like a chocolate but is low syns or could even be your healthy extra b choice.” As you know Stuart is my boyfriend so I have mentioned him before, he has a love for running and cycling now and has even done sprint triathlons and currently is training for the London Marathon. Such a difference to the man who would drive to the shop up the road!
Claire Parsons
Claire Parsons has to date lost 17st 7.5lb and was a finalist in Slimming World’s Woman of the Year 2015. Claire says “Distraction is key for me! So I started knitting to keep my mind and hands busy. I find that literally planning what to use my syns on will also help me stay focussed and on track.”
Martin Woodsford
Martin Woodsford has lost 9 and a half stone so far and is Slimming World’s Mr Sleek 2016. Martin says that he has a healthy appetite and makes sure he fills up on healthy foods every day but also allows himself treats every day, he adds “I am a chocoholic and have chocolate every single day! I just limit what I have.”


Laura Dunn
Laura Dunn, another one of the finalists in Slimming World’s 2015 Woman of the Year, has lost 13st 11lb so far with Slimming World. Laura’s top tip which I think is brilliant is “when faced with junk food I will usually take a step back mentally and ask myself what I will be happy with in say 3/6 months, will I remember how the food tasted or will I see the results?” she also adds a statement I feel is very important to remember when we lose weight “I know I can eat the way I used to eat and look and feel the way I used to, and I can eat the way I do now and eat and feel the way I do. To me there is no competition as to what I want the most”.
Tony Orrell


Tony Orrell has lost 21 and a half stone, most of that since joining Slimming World and is now a consultant himself helping hundred of members achieve their weight loss dreams in Isleworth in West London. For Tony his biggest tip to keep the weight off is “Remember the feeling of being lighter is actually much better than the fleeting taste of a treat in the mouth”. He also spoke about using food as a reward and said “We naturally reward ourselves with food but I try to motivate by rewarding myself with clothes instead”. When discussing food he also said something I think that many of us struggle with and that is the guilt we attach to eating unhealthy foods, Tony pointed out that the more we beat ourselves up the more we are inclined to fall off plan, so dropping the guilt and moving on can be a big help in succeeding.


Kirsteen Kneeshaw
Kirsteen Kneeshaw, another finalist in Slimming World’s Woman of the Year competition, has lost 6 stone 2lb and shared her tips with me. Kirsteen says that to stop temptation she has two things she does, “I do something I enjoy doing as a distraction, either go and see my mum, call my best friends for a natter, colour in my colouring book or if the weather is good I enjoy a walk around the town”. For Kirsteen the other thing she finds helps her is something I do a lot too, it is looking how far you have come and comparing before and after photos, she says “I know I tend to forget how far I have come and this helps me to stay focussed”.


Tom Mulhall
Tom Mulhall has lost 9st 4lb and lives in Stillorgan, Dublin. Tom says “When craving junk food in the evening, brush your teeth…nothing tastes nice after that!” which I think is a great tip because when I imagine eating anything when I have just brushed my teeth I think of how it tastes after toothpaste and then no longer fancy it!!


Michelle Quinn
Michelle Quinn, now a fitness instructor after losing 13 stone with Slimming World was also a finalist in the National 2015 Woman of the Year competition. Michelle says that for her “Finding a hobby that keeps you busy during temptation times helps, mine is exercise that stops me reaching for treats when I get bored!!” Michelle now is a certified Les Mills body pump instructor in South Shields, something that without Slimming World, and choosing exercise over treats when she’s been bored, wouldn’t have been possible!


David Eyres
David Eyres, Slimming World Mr Sleek 2015, lost just over 4 stone following Slimming World. David says the flexibility of Slimming World is what keeps him on track because he is a big chocolate fan! He says “I have 2 freddos every night and that satisfies my cravings”, he says he has done this every night since the start and doubts that it will change! That’s the beauty of Slimming World I think, the fact you can have treats and learn what you can have and still keep a healthy weight. David’s lovely wife Kelly has lost weight at the same time as David and lost 5 stone.
Kelly Eyres


Uways Pervez lost 8 Stone 1.5lb to his target and became Slimming World’s Young Slimmer of the Year 2015. Uways was 21 one he received the award as the national Young Slimmer, his top tip is to distract yourself when you feel like eating junk food and try to remember how rubbish junk food makes you feel after you have eaten it. He also says that “sometimes its very hard to resist….its a case of giving in, but then compensating in other ways”. Again showing the same idea of not having guilt and if you eat junk food keep going and carry on with healthier options.


Lesley Hutchinson
Lesley Hutchinson, who together with her partner Chris Coulter were Slimming World’s National Couple of the Year 2015, also shared her tips with me. Lesley has lost 5 stone 5lb, and Chris 18 stone 4lb, and both are now Slimming World consultants in Longbenton and High Heaton in Newcastle. Their top tips are “Don’t buy it and if it’s not in the house you can’t be tempted” and “Buy the quantities you need, eg. our temptation is cheese so if we want it we buy the bags of individual 35g assorted cheeses so we aren’t tempted to eat a whole 1lb block!”. Great tips I think and although sometimes individual cheese are more expensive, when you counter that with the cost of paying to lose the weight it doesn’t seem such a bargain to buy the big block! Lesley says that planning has been a big part of their journey too so there are no rush choices to be made!


Chris Coulter
Gary Marsdon, Slimming World’s 2015 National Greatest loser, has lost 20 stone 4lb. Gary says that he always keeps a substitute in place for if he gets hungry and always keeping full because when  you are full the cravings don’t happen!


Graeme and Lisa Wharton
Graeme and Lisa Wharton, Slimming World’s National Couple of the Year 2014, have slimmed together and Graeme has lost 7 stone 5lb and Lisa 5 stone 3lb. They “always plan ahead, have something handy at hand to snack on so you can trick the brain into thinking you no longer need food…even on a night out, have something for you when you come in”. Graeme also said that he finds eating before going shopping helps too because he is less tempted then to fill the trolley of things he shouldn’t! Lisa is now a Slimming World consultant helping others achieve their dreams with a group in Ryhope, Sunderland. Both Graeme and Lisa enjoy running, something their former selves I am sure wouldn’t have imagined doing!
Hopefully some of these inspirational photos along with their weight losses and tips will have helped you please do comment and let me know what you have thought to this post and which tips help you.


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