EventClip Pinless Number Fasteners – A review

As my regular readers will know recently I took up running and on the 21st August ran in my first race event, Mansfield 10K. Of course I was nervous and had so many things running through my mind. Would I be last? Would I even be able to complete it? What if my tracking chip failed and they didn’t record me as having run it? I am a born worrier and worried about all the little details. My partner has run a few races before and used a set of magnets designed for holding his race number on to his top, other people use safety pins, or clips but as a new runner I was a bit unsure what to use. EventClip Pinless Number Fasteners was one thing I kept seeing advertised on Facebook and I liked the idea of it, they looked secure, wouldn’t put holes in my running tops, and wouldn’t rub, but like anything do you believe the adverts? Rather than ask around I thought I would give them a try. I ran Mansfield 10K with my partner Stuart who used his magnetic number holders and his sister Clare who used Safety pins so I feel I can offer a good comparison of all three of these popular choices.

What are they?
EventClip Pinless Number Fasteners are a snap-lock fastener using two small pieced of plastic which clip together with the running top in between. They are an alternative to magnets or safety pins to hold the paper race number, sometimes called a bib number, on to the runners clothing.
Where are they available?
How much are they?
A standard pack of 4 costs £2.99 with postage of £1.27 there are a lots of designs to chose from. They do also offer personalised Eventclips you can design yourself for £6.99 (£1.27 postage also) and they also sell gift boxes. If you buy more than one pack the postage remains the same and if you buy 5 or more packs its free.
Before the race, number attached with EventClips
How easy are they to use?
I found them quite fiddly initially to use as the race number I had didn’t have holes in for them already and a standard hole punch would have put the holes too close to the edge and the timing chip. However once I had used a pen to make small holes in the race number to attach the clips they were easy enough to put on and clicked into place securely. They felt secure right from the start which is great for a worrier like me!
Initial Feelings….
Whilst they were a little difficult to attach initially I was very pleased with how secure they felt and they were comfortable and didn’t rub or feel heavy. Compared to my partners magnetic fasteners and his sisters safety pins they were a little harder to attach but looked good so I was happy with that. Stuarts magnetic clips tried to attach themselves to the metal edging of our dining chairs as he reached over them for something which did make me chuckle as mine didn’t do anything like that, I knew they were on securely and hoped they would remain that way!

After crossing the finish line, number still secure
How did they fair when being used?
As I said previously I used EventClip Pinless Number Fasteners whilst my partner used magnets and his sister Clare used safety pins. All three of us finished with our race numbers still in tact and attached to our clothing. Stuarts when removed left no marks on his clothes. My EventClips left indentations however these washed out. Clare’s safety pins left small holes in her top. None of us experienced any problems during the race with our race numbers such as rubbing, numbers flapping etc however we did have other tops under the one with the numbers attached to so I cant say for sure they wouldn’t have rubbed otherwise but it didn’t feel like they would.
Value for money….
Although safety pins are cheaper they leave holes in your clothes so I felt the small cost of the Eventclip Number Fasteners made them good value for money. I love the idea of being able to design my own and personalise them in the future too and am looking forward to possibly getting myself some unique Just Average Jen Eventclip Number Fasteners or maybe ones that just say Jen, I am undecided but at those prices I may be tempted to buy both, we will see.
The 4 small indentations left by the EventClips
that washed out completely.
I contacted Eventclip on Facebook enquiring about the number fasteners and asked if they would consider sending me some to try out which they kindly agreed and they arrived two days later. They seem, from what I have seen from other customers on their social media pages, to send out items very quickly though I imagine personalised items would as always take longer. they were packaged sufficiently and the customer service I received was helpful polite and efficient with quick responses.
Would I buy them again or recommend them?
Yes I would definitely by them again as I love the idea of being able to personalise them. They are very inexpensive and provide that piece of mind that your race number wont fall off and your clothes wont be ruined. I am a runner who doesn’t want to spend a lot on items and do not have expensive running kit because I don’t see that it is necessary so a buy like this will keep my running kit nice without ruining them with holes so I would definitely recommend them. I will be wearing my EventClip Number Fasteners in a week to hold my Great North Run Number on too.
I was sent this product by EventClip free of charge to try out and I offered to then review them on my blog. I was not paid for this review and was not asked to write a positive review. This review is my true feelings on the product and my experiences on using the product. I will always review items from a non biased perspective giving my readers my honest feedback.

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