My food diary – its not all salad!

Recently I have been asked many times what I eat on a day to day basis to maintain my target weight, or close to it anyway! I post a lot of the food I eat on Instagram and get messages asking if I really do eat that much and not put on weight. I do have a big appetite I always have had, hence becoming a size 30 morbidly obese woman living off custard cream biscuits, takeaway and unhealthy meals. I have always eaten a lot and I have always been the sort of person that snacks easily between meals and can’t go in the kitchen without grabbing a bite to eat at the same time. Before I joined Slimming World I thought nothing of eating a family size 400g pack of custard creams for my breakfast, a whole family size shop bought quiche with oven chips, cheese and beans for lunch, followed by a tea of a 12 inch takeaway Pizza with garlic bread slices and greasy chips. Of course all this food was just my main meals, I snacked on more custard creams, family size bags of chocolate, tubs of ice cream or large share bags of crisps.

My meals vary from week to week and as we all do I have some weeks where I really just fancy certain foods and cant abide by others. My weight varies week to week too, some weeks I gain, some weeks I lose, other weeks I maintain. This food diary is just an average week of the foods I enjoy, please do not expect to follow this and lose a set amount of weight or be upset if you eat these foods and gain weight, remember everyone’s body is different and we all process different foods in different ways. We all have different metabolisms and need different food intake. There are weeks when my partner Stuart and I can eat predominantly the same foods yet one of us can gain weight and the other lose! So, what I am trying to say really is that this is my food, it doesn’t mean it will work for you but the choice is yours.
Every day the drinks I have are, coffee (black with sweetener), flavoured tea (no milk or sweetener), and Pepsi Max Cherry. I sometimes have other sugar free drinks but not often and have hot chocolate some nights within my syns (Slimming World allowance for limited treats to make it not feel like a diet). I also use syns on some snacks so I feel like I am still enjoying the nice foods but within sensible limits – gone are the days of eating an entire large pot of Ben and Jerrys Ice-cream!
Breakfast: Fat free natural yoghurt with raspberries and sweetener
Lunch: Pasta salad with fat free vinaigrette
Tea: Butternut squash risotto with roasted Mediterranean vegetables in a balsamic tomato sauce
Snacks: apples, grapes, melon and bananas

Carrot and ginger soup

Breakfast: Melon and apple
Lunch: Butternut squash risotto with roasted Mediterranean vegetables in a balsamic tomato sauce
Tea: Carrot and ginger soup with homemade garlic bread (using Slimming World healthy extra b choice which is necessary fibre intake daily) for the bread.
Snacks: Raspberries, grapes, pepper sticks.

A healthy fry-up

Breakfast: Yoghurt (I like the Asda fat free rhubarb and vanilla) with blackberries, raspberries and strawberries
Lunch: Quorn low fat sausages, baked beans, mushrooms, poached eggs and plum tomatoes
Tea: Roast dinner – Roast potatoes, Quorn fillets, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, roast butternut squash and onion gravy (made with onions, garlic and stock blended)
Snacks: Melon, bananas, grapes and mango.

Mushroom and red onion omelette with salad

Breakfast: Fat free natural yoghurt with raspberries and sweetener
Lunch: Mushroom and red onion omelette with salad
Tea: Noodles and Stir fried vegetables and Quorn steak strips. Flavoured with soy sauce and spices.
Snacks: Melon, mango and carrot sticks

Noodles and stir fry Quorn and vegetables
Breakfast: Melon and raspberries
Lunch: Crustless quiche (peppers and red onions) with baby plum tomatoes and cucumber
Tea: Jacket potato with cheese (from Slimming Worlds healthy extra a choice for calcium) and baked beans, stir fried mushrooms, red onions and peppers.
Snacks: Grapes, banana, nectarines and mango.

Melon and Raspberries

Breakfast: Raspberries and blackberries
Lunch: Carrot and ginger soup
Tea: Homemade chips, mushroom, pepper and red onion omelette, baked beans and fried mushrooms.
Snacks: Melon, Apples, Bananas, Grapes

Pasta Salad


Breakfast: Grapes, raspberries and melon.
Lunch: Crustless quiche (peppers and red onions) with salad
Tea: Rice with Quorn and mixed vegetable curry.
Snacks: Mango, apples, grapes, bananas and raspberries.

In addition to the above I will have cereal bars and cheese as my healthy extra choices (Slimming World’s way of ensuring the appropriate daily amount of fibre and calcium). I have these as evening snacks often with a coffee and maybe some fruit. Sometimes I will count extra cereal bars within my syns allowance.

I always ensure that there is lots of vegetables or salad on my plate for each meal and make sure I vary the way I cook these and add spices or herbs sometimes to make sure they do not seem boring and I do enjoy them. I only ever cook with low calorie cooking spray and never use oil. Most things I make from scratch because I feel that way you can make food exactly how you like it and you always know what is in it.

Remember that you are in control of your food and you should only eat until you are full. I find that eating at the table helps me as if I eat watching TV I will just eat until my plate is empty paying no attention to whether or not I am full. I also find it helps to be mindful of how much food I serve myself leaving extra in the kitchen that I can get if I am hungry when my plate is empty. Everyone’s appetite and body is different and I have to constantly remind myself that it is irrelevant how much my partner Stuart eats because that’s his plate, not mine and I should only eat what I need!

I hope this post has helped some of my readers with meal ideas and to see that you can lose weight and maintain a healthy weight whilst eating filling, healthy meals. Please feel free to comment or message me to let me know if you have enjoyed this post and if it has helped at all. I think it is all too easy for people to presume you have to live off salad or cut certain food groups out. While this works for some people I believe that for most people it is not necessary.

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