Ben following Slimming World – 3 weeks on an update

I recently shared about my son Ben joining Slimming World as a young member on the Free2Go plan and thought I would share an update 3 weeks into Bens healthy eating journey. The original post can be found by clicking here if you haven’t read it and would like to.

How has Bens weight loss been since joining Slimming World?
As I said initially I am not concerned about Bens actual weight loss and I am more concerned with him adopting healthier habits. Essentially I would like Ben to maybe lose a little weight but certainly hope that he just doesn’t gain excessive weight and finds healthier choices as he is growing so that he doesn’t fall into the traps of using food like I have done.
Ben has had an operation since joining Slimming World and has both legs in casts (see photo below) so it is hard to know how much they weigh however he currently 3 weeks into Slimming World only weights a pound more than when he joined without the casts so I can only assume that he has lost some weight as I am sure the casts weigh more than that but it is hard to know how much until the casts are removed mid January. I am not concerned though and have noticed his school coat is slightly looser around his tummy so I am pleased with that.
Ben after his operation
What struggles has Ben faced since joining Slimming World?
Ben had his operation almost a week after joining Slimming World which he found very difficult initially due to the pain and uncomfortable casts. Like anyone else would Ben felt sorry for himself and of course wanted unhealthy foods. We allowed him some treats in the few days after his operation but tried to get him back onto his healthy foods as soon as possible afterwards and also asking people not to bring him sweets with get well cards.
This time of year is difficult for everyone, Ben included, he has had school Christmas dinner, his advent calendar, chocolates from school friends and a Christmas party at his respite club. As his mum I would not want to deprive him and make him feel different to his friends so he has been participating in all of these with his friends. Ben has tried to make healthy choices and proudly told me the other day that he chose extra vegetables with his school dinner instead of second of pudding. Ben finds snacking difficult and doesn’t always want fruit but we are finding healthy snacks he enjoys and certainly ones that are healthier than his previous choices.
Ben dressed as Santa!
What has Ben enjoyed about eating healthily?
Ben has enjoyed making healthier choices like choosing to spend his £1 pocket money on some cards he is collecting instead of sweets each week. Ben is loving the Slimming World Rocky Road bars as treats which are a lot healthier than his old choices of chocolate bars or crisps. Ben has enjoyed going to his Slimming World group and listening to some of the ideas and this week is keen to try making something with Scan Bran after the latest target member at his group mentioned it and inspired him. Ben enjoys feeling part of the group and sharing how well he is doing. He finds the group situation hard which is probably partly due to his age and partly his autism but we are working on it and he enjoys it still. Next week is the group Christmas party which he is very excited about as he will be able to try some new healthy foods!
Ben is enjoying the Rocky Road Hifi bars with
lots of marshmallows!
What has Ben been eating? Has anything changed?
Ben has enjoyed trying a few new meals including Chicken Korma, chicken and vegetable soup and dragon fruit. Ben loves a lot of healthy meals that I make but knowing he is a Slimming World member has encouraged him to try more of what we eat and he has really enjoyed it. Ben loves being able to upload photos through my Facebook to his groups members page to show everyone what he is enjoying and I think this keeps him interested in eating healthily. He especially loves seeing how many members “like” his photo and is always excited when Karen his consultant likes it or comments on it. I cant speak for other consultants as I don’t remember particularly witnessing how they are with young members but Karen is great with Ben and the other young lad that goes to the group which helps so much.
Ben enjoying butternut squash risotto


Ben loved trying dragonfruit
How does Ben feel about his healthy eating journey so far?
Ben is very pleased with how well he is doing he enjoys going to his group and he enjoys trying new foods. Ben struggles a little with the sitting listening at his group but is doing well and wants to keep going. All the time Ben is doing well and enjoying it he will continue to go and hopefully continue to find healthy eating habits that will continue throughout his life.
A word from Ben about how he feels about his Slimming World journey so far.
I enjoy going to Slimming World but sometimes it is a bit boring waiting to talk but I like hearing what other people are eating and that is inspiring. I want to keep going because I want to grow up and be healthy because I want to be a doctor or a fishmonger. I want to be a doctor so I can help people and I want to be a fishmonger so I can meet lots of people and cut off the fish heads! I think Slimming World is easy because I just eat nice healthy food and sometimes chocolate and I will grow up to be a healthy man. Then I can inspire my patients and tell them when I was young I was healthy and I had an operation and I know what it is like to have a disability. I like Slimming World because the people are nice and they clap when I make good choices.
Would you recommend other parents join their children up to be a young Slimming World member?
Yes if they feel it will help their child I would definitely recommend it. Everyone knows their child best and knows how well they would cope with it and if they would benefit from it. I didn’t make the decision lightly but for us it was the right decision for Ben, whether it is right for your child only you and your child will know but I would say in my experience it is definitely worth considering.
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  1. December 17, 2016 / 7:56 pm

    well done your looking good …. Ben Happy Christmas x

  2. December 17, 2016 / 9:05 pm

    Well done Ben you are making lots of good choices and making excellent steps in becoming and staying healthier. Its fantastic you want to try more new foods keep up the good work Ben x

  3. December 17, 2016 / 9:05 pm

    Well done Ben you are making lots of good choices and making excellent steps in becoming and staying healthier. Its fantastic you want to try more new foods keep up the good work Ben x

  4. Sue Nicklin
    March 4, 2017 / 9:25 pm

    Well done Ben keep up the good choices

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