The easy way to cut a mango

Are you one of the people that buys pre-packed mango because it is so fiddly to cut up? Have you tried my method of cutting a mango? It takes a couple of minutes and will have you swapping from pre-packed to save money when you can. A fresh mango can often be bought from around 60p depending on where you shop and how in season they are. Pots of mango are around £2 so if you can get used to easily cutting them it will save you money quite easily. Here are my steps to easily cut a mango!

Looking at the mango from the stalk end
you can see it isn’t round it is wider one way
than the other so hold it like this.
Taking the large knife carefully slice down one
side of the stalk so the knife runs down the side
of the stone as close to the stone as possible
Do the same the other side.

Trim the flesh from around the stone piece then
score each of the other two pieces so the knife
cuts through the flesh but NOT the skin.

Using the spoon scoop out the flesh
as close to the skin as possible

Minimal waste as you scoop out the flesh

Lots of fresh juicy mango for a few minutes
effort and less expensive than pre-cut packs of mango

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