10 Characters You Find At Slimming World Groups

As you know I have attended Slimming World groups for quite some time now. I have been to a number of groups and met lots of people during the course of this. I have found that all groups seem to have a similar group of people which I thought I would share to give you all a giggle. See if you can spot yourself and your friends. These may also apply to other weight loss groups but it is some time since I have had any experience of these so I am not sure!

The Consultant – Usually quite crazy and chatty, knows everyone though highly likely to call you by someone else’s name at least once! He or she will usually be found bouncing around with new member forms in one hand and their trusty tablet in the other. If there are problems with their tablet or computer system they will turn into some kind of panicked meerkat rushing around trying to find a solution.
The Social Team – These are the group members who help the consultant by doing the shop selling all the Slimming World books etc, weighing in members, and taking your weekly fee. The social team know everyone and chat to everyone, usually handy for a tissue when you don’t get the result you want on the scales or you are emotional when you hit your weight loss target! The Social team members are usually as crazy as the consultant but we all know not to say that when they are operating the scales!
The Mum and her Kids – Almost all groups have at least one mum and her children who attend group though some late groups manage to miss this! The mum is always reminding one of her children to be quiet and finding them toys and food out of a never ending bag and hoping to keep her kids quiet and entertained through the whole group session. Everyone looks to the mum wondering how she possibly loses weight with kids that are so lively and her children soon become known by everyone in group.
The Late One – The member who runs in at the last minute every week just before the scales close! He/she always says they will be more organised and often has to be reminded in their rush to take off their shoes or put their purse down before getting on the scales!
The Fitness Fanatic – This member is usually dressed in some kind of Lycra and looking far too energetic. He/she will have already gained their Body Magic awards – given for exercise. If anyone suggests they may like to start exercise this member will suggest things and if you’re nervous offer to do a class with you.
The Social Butterfly – He/she is a group member who has probably been coming to group quite a while and knows everyone. The social butterfly will always remember whether you lost weight or not last week because he/she makes it their business to know everyone and how well they are doing. The social butterfly will remember if you posted on Facebook that you ate a packet of biscuits after weighing the previous week and remind you of this when you are sure you don’t deserve to gain!
The Chef – Whatever the ingredient this member can always give you something you can make with it. When the group have taster sessions everyone will look forward to what this member brings. Whilst some of us talk about making an omelette for tea the previous night this member tells us about a meal we cant even spell let alone pronounce!
The Planner – This is someone who always knows what they are eating for the next week, they can always remember at image therapy what they ate this week. If you asked him/her they could probably even tell you what they ate 4 weeks ago last Tuesday! They are organised and if you want to know what date Easter falls on this year this is the person to ask, they can probably even tell you next years too as more likely than not they have a diary in their bag!
The Lucky One – This member is often someone different every week so they aren’t easy to pick out in advance. He/she is the one who before they get on the scales tell you of wine, pizza and nights out. They have had cheat days and nights off plan where they cant actually remember what they ate in the end. They tell you they deserve to gain, but then they get on the scales and have a maintain or a loss. It is lucky that this member changes every week because if not no one would like them! Everyone is jealous of this member!
The Forgetful One – He/she can never remember when you talk to them what they have been eating, how they made it or even how much they lost or gained this week. If you find someone has left their book or members card the chances are it belongs to the forgetful one!
Which one of these are you? Do you recognise them all at your group? I would love to know who you are in the group give me a comment and say hi and let me know which you are!

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  1. April 20, 2017 / 4:57 pm

    None of them. But I think the Forgetful one is my husband! Always leaving his raffle tickets next to the scales :')

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