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This week I chatted to Emma who writes a popular blog called www.emmareed.net. Emma is also an author of a book about teething babies. I was interested in chatting to Emma because I have always wanted to write a book but I am not sure I would ever be able to actually go from an idea through to publishing it. It also fascinates me that someone could be a mum, a blogger and an author, I am sure there aren’t that many hours in a day!

Here I chat to Emma about her blog and her book and share this with you, if you want to find out a bit more about Emma, her book or her blog her social media links are at the end of this post, but for now lets have a cuppa and see what this blog and book is all about!

Emma and her son Jake

Firstly the most important question if were having a cuppa and a chat, Do you drink tea or coffee? how do you have it? and what kind of biscuits do you like?
I am a cup of tea lady, no coffee over here! It must be strong too, I like to taste my tea and not the milk. Ok, so I am a little odd because I’m not a big one for biscuits and my favourite food to have with a cuppa is actually an orange!
I came across your blog when talking to bloggers on a Facebook group and was immediately inspired by you! you not only have a blog that is extremely popular but you have written a book as well.
Yes, I have written a book to help other parents through the teething process. It is called ‘Your Teething Baby, from one parent to another’ and is available as a paperback or kindle edition on Amazon.
Which came first the blog or the book? or did you do them both at the same time?
The book idea came to me when I began hunting for teething answers and discovered that no one had really covered it. I visited doctors and the dentist, I asked health visitors but the answer always seemed to be Calpol. This didn’t help with every symptom I was seeing my son go through. I started doing my own research and gradually became the ‘go to’ person for my friends. One day a friend joked that I could write a book with all my knowledge and the idea just stuck. I sat down one sunny day in August 2014 and began to write. I hadn’t thought any further than the book because I wasn’t too sure whether it would all come together. Once I made contact with the largest teething companies and they provided me with images, text and support I realised that things really were starting to happen! I self-published the book in February 2015 and began my blog in order to help get the word out that this teething guide existed and to reach as many people as possible.

Did you always want to write a book? If not what made you decide you wanted to write a book?
I think most people deep down have that little urge to write a book, whether it’s a short story, a novel, children’s book or one that will help others somewhere we all have these ideas. You just need that little bit of inspiration or a friendly shove in the right direction. Mine came about because of my son’s terrible ordeal with his teeth and if I hadn’t become a Mother I would never have written it.
Do you enjoy being a work at home mum? How do you manage to juggle writing and being a mum to a little one?
When I was writing the book Jake was just 18 months old and still napped in the day. I could write for an hour in the day and then during the evenings. As he dropped his naps I have had to learn to juggle writing blogs, planning ideas, posting on social media etc. around what is best for him – he will always come first.
He has just started pre-school which gives me time to write and not feel guilty that my time is being taken away from him. When you work from home you have to learn to switch off from the job and that can be pretty tough when social media is just a click away! Balancing housework, doing kids activities, socialising, attending groups and working from home is definitely something that I am still trying to get right even now.
Will you be writing other books? if so what are you hoping to write?
I have written a mini-series for young children and am in the process of contacting the appropriate people to try and get them published.
Great, would love to add that to this post in the future when you have published them!
Can you tell us a bit about how you went from the idea of writing a book through to successfully getting it published?
I self-published my book on Amazon because it is my first book and I wasn’t sure of all the processes with publishing houses and it seemed a very simple way of getting the help out to parents straight away. I also liked the idea of self-publishing because it meant I had full control over the way the book looked and promote it in my own way.

Emma’s book – Your Teething Baby

What advice would you give any of my readers who have an idea for a book but haven’t made the step to look at publishing it?
If you are willing to put the hard work into writing a book you need to decide which route is best for you – publishers or self-publishing? I will be honest, the marketing of my book takes up a lot of my time and I have to be very dedicated to it. I am the only person in charge of the success of this project and that is definitely what spurs me on. I wasn’t a social media whizz before all of this and I’ve had to learn how all the platforms work along the way… I am still learning new things every day! If you choose to contact publishers they will do the marketing for you and will be able to advise you along the way.
Your blog isn’t all about teething babies is it, what do you cover on your blog?
I like to cover all types of topics, such as child phases, experiences we are having at the time, trips away, day’s out, reviews, DIY, health and fitness.

If any of my readers want to get in touch with you or find you on social media how can they do this?
I am on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.
You can find my blog here.

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