Sweet Freedom Choc Shot and Fruit Syrup Review

Sweet Freedom kindly sent me some of their products to try out and share with my readers. Of course tasting hot chocolate and various other sweet things I made with them was hard work but I did it for you all!

What are the Sweet Freedom Choc Shots and Fruit Syrups?
The Choc Shots are a liquid chocolate which can be used to make hot chocolate or used as a chocolate sauce. The flavours available are Choc Shot liquid chocolate, Choc Shot Orange Spice liquid chocolate, and Choc Shot Coconut liquid chocolate.
The Fruit syrups are not dissimilar to golden syrup and can be used in baking, to sweeten drinks, in porridge, when making pancakes or even just on a slice of toast! The fruit syrup is available in the original flavour and the dark flavour. The dark has a richer taste and although still very sweet not the same kind of sweet, for example I would say it is more like honey than golden syrup.
How expensive are they?

As with all products the prices vary from store to store but are around £2 each.
Where are they available?

Most larger supermarkets sell the Choc Shots (even some smaller ones but not all!) along with health food shops and even Boots! The Choc Shots are usually available on shelves near the hot chocolate while the Fruit Syrups are usually near the honey or sugar however they are harder to find with less places stocking them. For more details of where to buy them click here for Sweet Freedom’s website.
How did you use them?

Obviously for someone with a sweet tooth like me I hardly had to force myself to try these, the biggest difficulty was in which one to try first! With the Choc Shot we have used them to make a dessert by mixing with a little sweetener and fat free natural fromage frais, on top of a meringue nest with fruit, drizzled over a meringue nest with fromage frais, and of course as hot chocolate! The Fruit Syrups we had in coffee as a sweetener, on toast, and in porridge!
We found that the Choc Shots are very rich in taste so when using them to drizzle over desserts for example you do not need much. When made into hot chocolate we found that by using the amount suggested on the bottle it was just right. It melted into the hot milk quickly and was smooth and tasty. I tried the Choc Shot in just boiling water rather than milk and although I prefer it with milk it wasn’t too bad and saves a few calories!
The Fruit Syrups were delicious and I could have eaten slice after slice of toast with them on. I am not a big fan of porridge but Ben loves his porridge and was very impressed with how the fruit syrups tasted mixed in that. I didn’t use much when making his dish of porridge and it seemed to sweeten it well.
Would you buy them yourself or recommend them?

Yes most definitely, the coconut one tasted rather like a bounty chocolate bar with a lot less calories and the orange one was also rather yummy. Although I liked the original chocolate Choc Shot I much preferred the flavoured ones! The Fruit Syrups I also would recommend though I think I would be tempted to eat far too much toast if I had them in the cupboard all the time!
I currently have a giveaway for some of the Fruit Syrups, to enter the giveaway please click here to go to my giveaway tab which is “live” from midnight 10th January 2017 until midnight 9th February 2017.
Please note whilst Sweet Freedom gave me the Choc Shots and Fruit Syrups to try and share with my readers and asked me to review them I was not asked to give a positive review and as always I would never promise this because I will always give my readers an honest and full review of my feelings of a product without bias, the views in this post are my own and that of my family.
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