Vegetable Spiralizer by Savisto – A Review

I have been wanting a spiralizer ever since I first saw them available and people on social media posting their pictures of cute curly carrots etc. Can you imagine my excitement when Savisto asked me to review a spiralizer for them? Savisto sent this product to me for a review and to keep afterwards however the review words and views are my own.

What is it?

This is the product I was sent it can be found here. It arrived well packaged and with only very minimal assembly instructions which took around 2 minutes.
The Savisto Spiralizer
What were the instructions like?
The instructions were very good and easy to understand. I couldn’t wait to put it to the test! I tried it out with a variety of vegetables to ensure I could describe its effectiveness with both softer and harder vegetables.
Which vegetables did you test it out on?
I have used the Savisto spiralizer to prepare cucumber, carrots, courgettes, and potatoes.
Spiralized Cucumber
Spiralizing a carrot
Spiralizing a potato
Spiralized courgette and carrots
The spiralizer in action
When preparing each vegetable the Savisto Spiralizer was easy to use. It definitely made the vegetables more appealing to my son Ben.
Would you recommend it?

I have never previously used a spiralizer but I have bought various spiralized vegetables from supermarkets. I found the quality of the Savisto spiralizer to be good and the vegetables it prepared were just as good quality as those bought in supermarkets.
I would definitely recommend it if you enjoy spiralized vegetables, I am a little on the lazy side and have not used it often but I do like it and will definitely use it on occasions that I want my vegetables to look like this or for a recipe.
Value for money?
Savisto currently sell this at £19.99 (price correct January 2017) and I think if you are going to use it regularly it is good value for money as the prepared vegetables in supermarkets do add up. If you wont use it regularly then I guess the choice is yours. It very much does what it says on the box and is a fun kitchen gadget!

Are there any negatives of the product?

It was a little tricky getting the bit that grips the vegetables (the bit with the spikes on) clean and it easily tried to stain with carrots however if you don’t mind a bit of staining or are happy to give it a good scrub then this isn’t really a problem.
How would you rate the company Savisto?

The Spiralizer came well packaged and with good instructions. I found there website easy to navigate and the prices very comparable with other similar sites. There is a good mixture of both essentials and gadgets for the kitchen along with bathroom items too.
Savisto have given my readers a unique discount code to get you 20% of items on their website excluding bathroom items. Use code JEN20 at checkout, the code expires at midnight on 24/02/17 and can not be used in conjunction with any other offer.

Please note that I received the spiralizer as a gift to review however I only ever give my honest opinions of a product or service I review so all the experiences and views above are my own.

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