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This week I chatted to Kelly who writes a popular blog called Nature Mum Blog. This is a blog about families getting outdoors and enjoying nature. This appealed to me because of course the more time as a family you spend outdoors the healthier you are surely likely to be. Doing exercise as a family doesn’t have to be seen as exercise and running around outdoors can be just as healthy but most importantly fun! The Nature Mum Blog also covers nature activities, science experiments, recipes and more recently a birthing series about difficult births to offer others support.

Here I chat to Kelly about her blog and share this with you, if you want to find out a bit more about Kelly or Nature Mum Blog her social media links are at the end of this post, but for now lets have a cuppa and see what this blog is all about!

Kelly enjoying being outdoors and raising money for charity

So, important question first when were having a cuppa, tea or coffee? how do you have it? and what are your biscuits of choice? Much easier to chat with a cuppa and biscuit!
I love a milky sugary cup of tea. But as I am getting married in August I have had to cut my sugar intake to zero. I now drink herbal teas and no biscuits. Horrible I know but necessary haha.
I came across your blog as you are a family who really enjoy the great outdoors. What is it about being outside you enjoy?
I love the freedom. Children can run, jump, and play without anyone telling them to sit still and conform. They can express their true nature and it is a wonderful thing to witness. I like taking my shoes off and running off with them. Don’t take technology with you and just run into the sea with your little ones.
As a family what kind of outdoor activities do you enjoy?
I love wide open spaces where we can just run and muck about. Shouting in places where you hear your own echo. Just being free.

As you spend a lot of time outside as a family are you all very fit and healthy?
I would like to think so. We have now changed out eating habits too, I am vegetarian now and we eat so much fruit and veg. We get out exploring most days so it is rare that we sit down inside.
Can you suggest any outdoor activities that would help a family spend more time together outdoors even if they aren’t very fit?
Going to your local park. Take a ball and just have a play around. It can be hard getting children interested in exploring the great outdoors, especially if they aren’t used to it. So take activities, Wildlife Id sheets, ball games etc. To keep them occupied.
Do your children enjoy being outside as much as you do?
Yes we all love it.

When did you decide to start writing a blog and why did you decide to start sharing what you do as a family?
I started writing my blog in October 2015, I can’t believe it has been that long already. I started it as I wanted to be a lecturer but with having children so young this was not a possibility. So I decided to teach online through my blog.
I have also seen you have written some children’s books. Can you tell me a bit more about those?
I have a very vivid imagination. I create stories in my mind in general day to day things. I wanted to use this to write stories that would encourage and inspire. When you are young it can be hard to believe in yourself. Your thoughts can be alien to some people and they can often put you down or turn you against your personal dreams. I have written books to encourage children to ignore others opinions and follow what is in their heart.

Salt dough crafts incorporating nature

I have always wanted to write a book and I know many other people say that too, what advice would you give someone who wants to write a book?
Just do it. I didn’t know I could write a book or illustrate one for the matter until a year ago. Since I have written 9 books, self-published two and am currently illustrating my third. I just sat down, wrote from the top of my head. It is a wonderful thing as it helps me free my mind.

My books are currently only available as ebooks. Hoping to have hard copies available in the near future. But you can download my ebooks here:
Henry the Hula Hooping Hippo – http://amzn.eu/4xhmD2g
Tilly the Tortoise Tried – http://amzn.eu/dmhMKmx
I also have an eco-clothing brand which you can find here – www.ecobadger.com

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