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This week I chatted to Kerry who writes a blog called www.kerryshawmummyoffour.com. Kerry has 4 children including twin boys, she is a popular blogger and also a mature student. When I came across Kerry’s blog I was instantly amazed at how anyone with four young children including twin boys could possibly have time for a blog let alone being a student too! Kerry’s blog is an honest account of her life as a busy mum and a great read.

Here I chat to Kerry about her blog and share this with you, if you want to find out a bit more about Kerry and her blog her social media links are at the end of this post, but for now lets have a cuppa and see what this blog is all about!

Firstly Kerry the most important question, tea or coffee? and how do you have it? can I tempt you with a biscuit? what’s your favourite?
Tea please. Milk and no sugar. A biscuit would be lovely. Chocolate digestives are my absolute favourite.
When I first read your blog, I was amazed at how you have time to write such a great blog, be a mature student, and a mum of 4 children including twins! It made me feel rather embarrassed by my organisation skills! So my first question has to be, how do you do it? The organisation that is! Do you have a good morning routine or just wing it every day successfully?
People ask me ask me that question all the time ‘How do you do it’ and my honest answer is I don’t know. Some days we all get up, get dressed, eat breakfast and leave the house like it’s the easiest thing in the world. Then some mornings I imagine it would be easier to teach fish to walk.
I try to make sure I am up and showered before any of the children get out of bed that makes getting everyone else up and dressed a lot easier, but apart from that its usually a chaotic scene at breakfast and then one mad scramble to the door.

One post I read of yours was about an occasion you went shopping and someone said to you, about your twin boys, rather you than me! Do you find this attitude common?
Most people are lovely and complimentary. They comment on the children and ask questions about the twins, which I don’t mind at all. I have even had strangers ask me if I need any help when they have seen me struggling getting the twins and the shopping to the car, which is incredibly heart-warming. But there is always people who have negative things to say, especially since the twins turned two and they have perfected the art of public tantrums. One child having a melt-down can draw attention, twins having a melt-down can draw a crowd and it’s been on these occasions that I have experienced a bad attitude from strangers and had the odd upsetting comment. Bad attitudes and upsetting comment are thankfully a minority though.
You recently started studying as well as writing your blog and caring for your children, do you have any free time?
Not just lately no but I love being busy, when I do get free time I spend it writing or we love going on long walks with the kids. I never do any work on a Saturday night and once the kids are in bed I really enjoy a glass of wine and a take away.

What inspired you to start your blog?
I know it’s a cliché but it was the kids that inspired me. Every day they do things that amaze me and make me so unbelievably grateful to be their mother, they also do things that make me want to scream, laugh, cry and sometimes runaway, but however they make me feel, I never want to forget a single moment. So, I decided to start writing it all down and that’s how the blog began.
As a mature student with such a busy home life do you worry about fitting in your study? What are you studying and what are you hoping to do from that course?
I did worry about fitting in Uni work when I first started the course in September, but with five completed assignments under my belt I am pretty confident going into the next semester that I will be able to manage my work load. I try and hideaway in the library at Uni when I have assignments due, that way I can’t be interrupted by requests to ‘find the playdough’, ‘read me a story’ or ‘wipe my bum’.
I am studying for a degree in English and Creative Writing. When I have completed my degree, I want to have a career as a writer; whether its writing for magazines or completing my novel that I have very recently started. Writing has been a part of me for so long now and I can’t wait for the day it’s my full-time job.
What piece of advice would you give any of my readers with young children who want to study or blog or even both?
The best piece of advice I could give to anyone thinking of starting a blog or returning to study with little ones in toe, is make sure it’s a subject you love. Blog about the things that are close to your heart and what you feel inspired by; Study for your lifelong ambition and your dreams. Have that final goal at the forefront of your mind, if you’re doing something you love and you are determined to succeed at, dashing around the house to get you and your little ones ready to make it to a 9am lecture on a Monday morning or missing out on a couple of hours of lovely sleep to write a blog post, seems completely worth it. Having young children doesn’t stop you doing anything it reduces the amount of time you have, but nothing is out of reach.
Is there anything else you want to tell us about you and your blog?
My Blog will be two-years-old this summer and is getting a makeover for 2017. I am really looking forward to unveiling its brand-new look in the spring.
If my readers want to read your blog more or find you on social media where can they find you?
You can read my blog at http://www.kerryshawmummyoffour.com/
You can follow me on Facebook here

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