Excuses wont help my jeans fit!

This morning when I checked my Facebook the first thing that came up was that it was apparently “Friends Day”. Facebook had a video/slideshow for everyone with pictures of them with friends. Lovely idea but it did get me thinking. There is a day for everything isn’t there nowadays. I had a bit of a search of the internet and found that tomorrow is national carrot cake day and the following day is homemade soup day, there is a day for everything, I even came across a “cook a sweet potato day”!

I am currently above my weight loss target and working my way back to where I was. My clothes are a bit tight and most of this I can put down to Christmas and New Year really but were a month into 2017 now and I have given myself a good talking to and a swift kick up the behind and I am going to be back where I was before long. I am going to stop using Christmas and New Year as my excuses and stop bringing new excuses into it.
Last weekend was my boyfriends birthday, in just under a fortnight it is Valentines day. Lately I have been struggling a lot with my depression and a change of medication which has made me feel sleepy and down a lot of the time. I use all these things as little excuses for myself. For weeks I have been buying extra things when I have been shopping because I have thought that I can because it helps me feel better. Some days I have bought extra things because in my eyes that week is a write off anyway because of a meal out or a celebration that week anyway.
So, why am I telling you all this, why am I telling you that I bought flapjack and biscuits a few weeks ago and this is why I gained some weight? I am telling you because I am human to, just like anyone reading this I have slip ups, I have times where I really struggle still and I openly admit this. I am above my target weight and my jeans are tight. I have used excuse after excuse to tell myself this is ok, but it isn’t. I have drawn the line now, I have realised it is all excuses, I realised this a few days ago but todays “friends day” on Facebook made me realise that if we wanted to there would be an excuse we could use most days!
Do you make excuses too? Do you write off a whole week because of one day and allow yourself to spend the whole week eating rubbish? Do you feel depressed and use that as a reason to eat what you like? Do you sneak extra things in your trolley at the supermarket and then have to eat it all before anyone sees it? Do you binge on foods when you are depressed? Do you feel guilty after you have eaten badly and hate yourself so you eat to make yourself feel better again?
We are all the same, we all do these things, the way and frequency each of us do these things explains why some people have weight issues and others don’t. If like me you are someone who due to this is prone to eaten far to excess and then gaining weight then I think the key is to realise this is your issue and address it. I try to do this, I look at myself and what I really want to do with my life. I have realised that making excuses wont keep these jeans fitting me and wont make me happy in the long run.
I will always have depression I think, this is a conclusion I have come to with my doctor and also looking at the triggers and issues behind my depression. However, I do not want to keep binge eating and feeding my depression with biscuits, cake and flapjacks and I try to do other things to help me. I have written a few blog posts about this previously which can be found here. So I wont repeat myself completely but I think the key is planning and distraction for me.
Every week on weight day now I am going to look to the week ahead and be honest with myself as to whether I can put protectors in place for myself with a meal plan and distraction techniques to keep me eating healthily and not having days of eating rubbish with silly excuses. I am determined that I can do this like I have before and I will get my tight jeans fitting properly again!
If you are reading this and thinking “it’s easy for her she has lost her weight and only needs to lose a little to get back to where she was, I have a long way to go”. My answer to you is this, you only have a long way to go if you see it as a mountain to climb, if you look at it as lots of smaller hills or even curbs to get over then you can do this. Look at this coming week as a curb you want to step up and if you want to get up it then you need to be positive. A birthday doesn’t have to make your whole week an unhealthy one, one meal is just one meal out of twenty one.
Feel free to comment on this post about what you struggle with and how you help yourself and you never know it might help someone else. No one needs to feel alone in this, using excuses is something we all do, it is just human nature. We just, in my opinion, need to recognise yourself when they are just little excuses and put on our big girl pants (or big boy pants!) and get on with it and change what we can change so that we see the results we want.
So who is drawing a line with me under the excuses and starting every day with the determination to succeed?

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