InstantPrint Life Size Cut Out – A Review

As someone who has lost a lot of weight I have always wanted a life size cardboard cut out of the old me. I know it sounds random but I just love the idea of a big Jen that I can look at once in a while and give me that buzz of motivation that I definitely don’t want to go back to that! Also I just thought one would be a great visual for when I am asked to do inspirational talks etc. I already take my old clothes to these and photos but a life size cut out does have a bit of a wow factor doesn’t it!

InstantPrint ( kindly offered to print me one of these from one of my old photos and of course I wanted to share that with you all as I am sure it isn’t just me who wants one of these! Although not available on their website it is something they can do!
Is it an accurate size/shape?
Yes it is based on the original photo, unfortunately I have very few photos of me that are full length and all are at an angle like this or have someone else covering part of me which makes it very difficult. The photo was printed well and there are no parts that look in any way out of proportion or stretched etc. At the moment I am a bit above my target weight so I will update this with a better photo when I have got back to my target weight again and the difference may look even more drastic then!
What is the print quality like?
I was so surprised with the quality as I expected a picture of that size to have some blur and not be very clear but as you can see it is in brilliant quality and the colours are perfect etc. I don’t actually have the dress or flowers anymore (got rid of those when I divorced!) but I know the colours etc are accurate in the printing.
How sturdy and well made is the cut out?
The stand part of the cut out is very well constructed with a 3D stand which holds it up perfectly. It isn’t easily knocked over and looks like it will last well.
How can I get one for myself?
InstantPrint although they do not offer this service on their website told me they are able to do these at £66 which includes print, packaging and delivery. Personally I think this is a really good price. When I imagined having something like this I had no idea how much it would cost at all and didn’t know where to start in finding someone to make one for me. The InstantPrint website can be found here and by contacting them you can arrange for a picture of the old you too!
Do InstantPrint do anything else?
Yes, as I said this isn’t actually something that is on their website. They predominantly are a printers selling leaflets, business cards, stickers, posters, banners etc. Whilst I can’t comment on the quality of these other items I am sure that they are likely to be very good if the great quality of the life size cut out is anything to go by!
Would you recommend them?
Definitely, from sending over the photo to delivery was much quicker than I expected especially as I know it was hard for them to cut out me and the flowers etc from the background which was done with amazing accuracy. It came well packaged (as well as something this big possibly could be!) and by courier quickly and safely. Definitely a company I would look to order from again and would recommend to any of my readers looking for a life size cut out of them before weight loss!
This item was sent to me in return for a review on Just Average Jen. The words above are my own views of the product as I will always give my honest views of a product and will never guarantee a company a positive review, only that I will review and give my true honest experiences of a product.

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