Kindness Week – What you can do?

This week is Kindness week across the UK and I must say I love this idea. It doesn’t have to take long to do something for someone else and doesn’t have to cost a penny! A few years ago I made a new years resolution of doing something for someone else every day, it lasted about 7 weeks but I had some great ideas and I loved doing things for someone else every day. This week why not take a minute or two out of a day and do something to make someone else smile. Here are some suggestions of free or low cost things you could do. It would be lovely to hear what you have done so please comment if you do something for someone this week.

Balloons to send to a children’s hospice
Write a little note for a neighbour to thank them for something like putting your bin away or just to tell them you think they are lovely

Leave a note stuck to a mirror in a shops changing room for the next occupant to read
Buy a lottery ticket for someone

Leave a positive or happy note on someone’s windscreen
Sort a bag of items out to donate to charity

Send someone a book you have enjoyed that you think they will enjoy too
The Instaprint free compliments slip (described below)
Send a business a thank you notw – this would normally be the cost of a stamp but at the moment I found that you can do it free here (photo above) on the Instaprint website which I thought was a great idea.

Buy something from a charity shop
Donate some magazines you have read to a doctors waiting room

Buy a Big Issue magazine from a seller locally – Do make sure they have their official badge on though.
Drop some chocolates or similar in to a local service like the local fire station, police station or ambulance station.

Dropping chocolates off at the fire station

Send a card to a child you know is going through a tough time maybe with a sick parent or sibling. IT is sensible to let the parent know you’ve done this though or ask them first!
Send a note to the local library to thank them for their services.

Send some balloons to a local hospitals children’s ward or a children’s hospice.
Put some change in the next charity box you see

Donate some toys to a local church or playgroup
Leaving notes on changing room mirrors
Hopefully this post has given you some ideas and you will take a few minutes to do something for someone this week. Please do comment with any other suggestions you have or with what you have done as it would be lovely to see lots of Random Acts of Kindness that have been done this week.

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