Eat out and lose weight – Ten tips!

There are some quite simple things you can do when eating out to make your meals that little bit healthier and actually mean you can still lose weight! Sometimes I chose to eat off plan and enjoy my meal out without worrying about what I am eating, other times I really am careful and have had a few meals out in a week and still lost weight! Here are my ten top tips!

  •  No butter – make sure you don’t have butter unnecessarily on things, so avoid butter on vegetables, jacket potato or on things like corn on the cob! If you do want the butter obviously count it into your weight loss plan but I find in most cases it isn’t essential and the majority of places will happily serve/cook your food without if you just ask!

  • No dressing – Ask for your salad without dressing, if you like dressing then take your own with you when you go out, I have done this often and taken my fat free or low fat dressings and enjoyed my meal just as much!

  • Choose a tea or coffee instead of dessert – If your family or friends are having a dessert and there is no fresh fruit option have a fruit tea, black tea, or black coffee instead so you don’t feel like you are missing out completely with nothing in front of you.
  • Look at the children’s menu – Sometimes the children’s menu have smaller desserts or starters that are just fruit or vegetables so you don’t have to miss out on a three course meal but can find something a little more healthy.
  • Ask how everything is cooked – Sometimes a restaurant or cafĂ© is willing to change the way they cook something for you, so something they normally cook in a deep fat fryer they may put under the grill instead. Sometimes there is still some oil residue on the grill so it isn’t always perfect but an awful lot better than deep fried!
  • Swap your chips – Most meals come with chips however if elsewhere on the menu meals come with a jacket potato or boiled potatoes usually it is possible to swap chips for one of these, some places may charge a little for this but it is always worth asking and thinking about.
  • Don’t have the garlic bread – The calories, points, syns or whatever you count on garlic bread are usually very high, many places will allow you to swap the garlic bread accompaniment for salad quite easily. Again there may be a small charge for this but it is worth considering.
  • Choose rice carefully If you have a meal with rice many places serve a variety of rice choices, avoiding the fried rice options and instead choosing boiled rice will make a big difference and I am sure you will still enjoy your meal and be eating a little more healthily.
  • Say no to extras – Do you really need the extra bread they are offering or a side order of onion rings? If you really feel the need for something as an accompaniment watch out for vegetables, salad or boiled potatoes and check they don’t add butter when they serve them.
  • Choose your drinks wisely – Pretty much everywhere will have water (double check flavoured ones don’t have added sugar!) or Diet Coke/Pepsi as a choice which are ideal. Alternatively a black coffee or tea, fruit tea or other low calorie soft drink would be ideal. If you want an alcoholic drink its worth thinking ahead of what you will drink and finding something you enjoy that is not too high in calories/syns/points or whatever it is you track on your weight loss plan.
I am not saying you can’t go out for a meal and enjoy it but the choice is yours. If you particularly would like to still lose weight this week and eat out then maybe these tips will help you. Ultimately however it is your choice and as they say you only live once so if you want to eat the highest fat foods on the menu that is your choice. I just put this list together to help you on those occasions that you want to make the best choices you can.
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