Muscle Food February Extra Lean Selection Review

Muscle Food ( are a big supplier of meats and various other foods and do a range of hampers. This February hamper was sent to me for review and whilst it is no longer available it is similar to other hampers and my review of the items in it would obviously still apply to those items in other hampers. I hope my opinions and experiences help you in deciding if you wish to buy from them whether it be a small order of a few items or a big hamper. As I am vegetarian myself I can only comment on the value for money and how I found them to cook as I do all the shopping and cooking in our house. My partner Stuart and son Ben however can comment on the taste of all the meats.

This hamper was priced at £79.99 for the following items:
– 2.5kg Chicken Breasts
– Chocolate Mint Bar 45g
– Deep South Seasoning
– Low Fat Protein Cheese
– 1kg Sweet Potatoes
– Extra Lean Beef Steak Mince 400g x 2
– 2 pack of Pure Beef Rump Steaks 340g
– Low Fat Cumberland Sausages 6’s
– Cured Bacon Medallions 350g
– Curly Green Kale 250g
– 2 pack of Pure Beef Sirloin Steaks
– Chicken Mini Fillets 400g x 2
– 2 pack of Beef Hache Steaks 340g
– 2 Pack of Extra Lean Beef Steak Burgers
– Low Fat Pork Sausages 6’s
– Beef Meatballs pack of 20
Cost, Service and Delivery
Overall I was impressed with the amount of products for the cost and despite being given this free of charge for the review I would certainly look at buying it myself. The items were well packed as you can see from my unboxing video here. I didn’t have any reason to contact the Muscle Food customer services as the order was delivered as arranged and I had no problems with the products.
Chicken Breasts
The 2.5kg of chicken breasts were packaged all together which meant that once it was open I had to bag each breast separately and freeze them however for the costs I don’t think this is too much of an inconvenience. I had heard reports of the chicken having a strange smell from Muscle Food but I found it smelt just like any raw chicken with that distinctive raw chicken smell. The chicken cooked well and was clearly well trimmed. There were 11 breasts in the package all of the same size which I like because in supermarket packs when they are often different sizes it makes cooking more difficult as times vary. Stuart and Ben both enjoyed the chicken breasts and felt that they tasted of good quality. There was very little fluid came out of the chicken whilst it was cooking which to me shows it as good quality and not like some that you can buy that are pumped full of water!

Chicken Mini Fillets (this is the contents of one of the packs)
Chicken Mini Fillets

As above they had the distinctive raw chicken smell but that was not a problem. The mini fillets were all of around the same size and cooked well. They were well trimmed and looked to be of good quality whilst cooking them. We used them to make a stir fry and Stuart enjoyed them saying the same as with the chicken breasts that you could taste that they were well cut and good quality..
Beef Meatballs

We used these in a meatball pasta bake. They cooked well without sticking and cooked evenly they were not dripping with fat so seemed very good. With 20 small meatballs all of the same size in a pack it makes them very versatile for a family meal which I think adds to the value for money.
Cumberland Sausages
Low Fat Cumberland Sausages

These were popular with Stuart and Ben. I made these into a sausage casserole, I cooked them first under the grill and then chopped them up for the casserole. They held together well and cooked evenly, they had a great texture for the casserole. At half a syn each they are good sausages we found as a good size full of flavour.
Low Fat Protein Cheese

This was good quality and grated well. Unfortunately on Slimming World it cant currently be used as a healthy extra choice but the syns on it are good with 25g being just 2 syns. It was a nice cheese which in the selection we received was a nice addition.
Low Fat Pork Sausages

At half a syn each on Slimming World we were impressed with these as they cooked and tasted like Butchers sausages. Cooking them was easy under the grill, they did not split open or spit and were cooked evenly very easily. They retained their size and shape well. We cooked some for family who said they were surprised they were low fat! They kept their shape and size well on cooking and went very well on a cooked breakfast.
Cooked Breakfast using the Bacon Medallions and Pork Sausages
Deep South Seasoning

We have used this on chips which we always make home made in the Actifry air fryer. They made the chips lovely and I would definitely buy this as it was a hit for us all!! The seasoning can also be used on steaks but we were so keen on it on the chips we forgot to try it on steaks!
Sweet Potatoes

These were a good size and lasted easily beyond the date on the packet. We used these sliced up and toasted under the grill to dip into soup as an alternative to bread!
Extra Lean Beef Steak Mince

The fat content of this mince means that it is a free food on Slimming World. It cooked well and no fat could be observed draining from the mince which again confirmed its low fat properties. It is very well minced so not at all chunky but if that is what you want it is great, if you prefer chunkier mince then this may not be for you. It cooked well and when I used it to make a chilli Stuart was impressed and enjoyed it.
One of the packs of mince
Green Curly Kale

We love kale sprayed with chilli or garlic Frylight and grilled or cooked in the oven until crispy. We had this with the soup I made too and it was lovely. The kale was actually used the day after the best before date (because I forgot to do it the previous night!) and it was still very green and firm.
Rump Steaks and Sirloin Steaks

These were well cut with very little visible fat and cooked well. I cooked them under the grill and did not need to remove any fat before cooking as they were so lean. Packaged in packs of two was ideal as it meant we didn’t have to split them down and freeze them individually as we did the chicken. Stuart enjoyed all of the steaks as Ben does not like steak. Stuart found them all to be very good cuts with no fat running through them.
Cured Bacon Medallions

These were thick and well cut with very little fat around the medallion. They cooked well and were well packaged. We would definitely buy these as we regularly use bacon medallions and they were of good thickness. The pack was an ideal size for us as I find that too big packs I end up having to freeze some once they are open.
Showing the Medallions and how little fat they had on
Beef Hache Steaks

These were packaged well as they had a separator so they didn’t stick together. They cooked well without any fat draining off them whilst cooking so I was reassured that their fat content was minimal. They were syn free so went down well in our house as Ben enjoyed them because they aren’t as tough to chew as steaks such as rump or sirloin.
Extra Lean Beef Steak Burgers

These cooked well, I fried them with some sprays of chilli frylight to give them an added chilli flavour which Stuart enjoyed. Whilst frying them they cooked evenly and didn’t stick to the pan with the aid of the frylight and looked nice once cooked. They retained their size and shape well throughout cooking and had a good thickness. At one syn each although both Stuart and Ben enjoyed these I cant help but think that it was unfortunate they were not syn free as there are syn free burgers they enjoy just as much, that said however when included in a hamper like this for the prices of these foods it is good.
Chocolate Mint Bar

This unfortunately wasn’t vegetarian so I was unable to try this but I am assured it was lovely by Stuart and Ben who keenly shared it! As a treat in the pack of healthy foods I did like this addition as if you were looking at adding more protein to your diet due to training of some kind it allows you to try one of these without buying a larger pack and if not I am sure someone will enjoy the treat!
Chocolate Mint Protein bar
To order from Muscle Food it is easy to find different hampers and selections to suit your families needs just click here to find what they do. I found that this selection was good value for money and the dates the items needed to be used by were around a week from the date that I received them which as most of the items are suitable for freezing (only really the potatoes and kale that wouldn’t be as easily frozen). With the exception of the 2.5kg of chicken breasts all the items were in usable size packets for a family meal so could be frozen as received and then defrosted and used when needed. The chicken however would need to be separated unless you regularly would defrost and use 11 chicken breasts at once. This isn’t a difficult task but one worth remembering if you order a pack with a large amount of chicken in.
This hamper was sent to me in return for a review on Just Average Jen. The words above are my own views of the product as I will always give my honest views of a product and will never guarantee a company a positive review, only that I will review and give my true honest experiences of a product. This post contains affiliate links this does not affect you but it does mean if you order from them I get a small amount of commission for sharing their link with you.
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