My 10 Reasons to be Happy

My 10 Reasons to be Happy
This week was International Day of Happiness. Whilst I don’t usually partake in all the days of this that and the other I quite like this one and a lot of bloggers have been sharing with their readers a list of their top ten reasons to be happy and asking other bloggers to do the same. So, I thought I would join in on this and share with you my 10 reasons I have to be happy (plus things like this also help with my depression!).

1. I have a son I am so proud of because whenever I look at Ben I see a young man who despite a fair few challenges and difficulties in life has grown up to be a lovely well mannered 11 year old who I would be totally lost without. That said however if anyone wants to take me on holiday without him I am sure that I could cope with the break!
2. My boyfriend Stuart is a huge reason for me to be happy. He is the first man really in my life who has actually treated me as an equal and adored me as much as I adore him. He loves Ben as much as I do and supports me in raising him to be an amazing young man by being such a great role model and also playing boys games on the Xbox with him that I have no hope of ever mastering!
3. I am healthy and that is a reason to be happy. Whilst I have my depression and fibromyalgia that can cause me issues I am not severely ill and have no worries over my health. So many people have such major health concerns this for me is a reason I am happy because I am so grateful that I do not.
4. I don’t have to worry about a house and day to day living. I know this sounds silly but I am so grateful for the benefits system we have in this country because it is always there when anyone needs it to fall back on if there are problems or changes in circumstances etc. This makes me happy because without that there I can only imagine that life would be such a worry not knowing what would happen if one of those what ifs happened!
5. I have a blog I love, for me this is so important as it is a hobby that is in time becoming more like a job that I enjoy doing and it gives me time to be Jen. I am a mum, a girlfriend, a friend, a daughter, a sister etc but not often to I do things just for me and my blog is that, something I enjoy doing just for myself.

6. I actually am happy with myself. Now don’t get me wrong I still see all the bits I don’t like but I am happy with myself in a way I have never been before.

7. I am so happy and proud of myself for all the things I have overcome in the past. There are so many things in my past I never thought I would get through and struggled so much but now I look back and I am so happy. Happy that I didn’t give up despite many times with my depression being very tempted to give up. I am happy that I have survived and happy in what I have overcome, most of all I am happy that I am happy now when I never imagined I could be!

8. My family and friends. I have some amazing people in my life both family and friends and that makes me happy because I know that whenever I need someone to talk to there is someone I have I can turn to. I also hope that I am that someone to them too.

9. It is spring and will soon be summer, this means warmer brighter weather. I love running in the warm and that will be nice as I have really lost my motivation over the winter. I love being outside whether it be walking, running, painting the fence or even cutting the grass. Summer weather makes me happier.

10. Food! I love food and food always makes me happy!

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