Redex – A Review

When I was approached to review Redex I felt a little daunted at first because anyone who knows me will know that I am not at all technically minded and I am very clueless when it comes to cars. Though when I looked into it a little more I realised that there is nothing at all technical about using Redex at all.

When it comes to cars I am absolutely hopeless, I have no clue about anything other than how to drive and put fuel in. I was fortunate enough to pass my driving test before the more recent addition of the under the bonnet maintenance element of the test. I had heard of Redex in the past but didn’t really understand what it was for and, like oil, I had seen it on supermarket shelves and ignored it, clueless!
How Does it Work?
It actually is quite simple, something even a clueless driver like me can manage! When you fill your fuel tank you simply also add some Redex. These bottles are perfect because they are the size which is needed so there is no measuring or guessing involved just simply pour the contents of one bottle in and fill the tank with fuel.
The Redex is designed to improve engine performance by keeping the injectors clean and therefore reducing emissions, reducing noise and as such it also improves fuel economy so saves fuel. Saving fuel is saving money so in my eyes this has to be a good thing if it isn’t expensive to do. After all we all go to the cheapest fuel station don’t we to save money because it is easy to do that, this seems just as easy!
How much does it cost?

Redex is available in so many car parts stores such as Halfords, online in various places such as Amazon and even in the large supermarkets. Of course it is also sold at many filling stations as it has been used by drivers for many years whilst filling up and of course back in the old day you wouldn’t buy car things in a supermarket would you! As the availability of Redex is so wide the cost varies a lot too as there are bigger bottles if you want to save money that you measure out the amount needed etc. I liked these new boot pack of 4 small bottles though as they are just ideal for use without mess or hassle. This pack I have found easily available for around £10 so £2.50 per tank of fuel.
Is it worth it?

A lot of the advantages of Redex would not be visible in a short trial such as this review as the long term effect of looking after your engine will mean your car should last longer and need less repairs etc however I am not sure you would really want to wait a few years for my review! When it comes to fuel economy and miles per gallon this varies from car to car and driver to driver as it all depends how much motorway driving you do compared to short trips.
I drive a Citroen C4 which has an engine with a 60 litre capacity. At present to fill it from empty therefore at the current prices of around £1.19 per litre it would cost me £71.40 if you then factor in the cost of the Redex it would cost £73.90. To me this difference is so minimal compared to the long term gains. If you were to break down the cost of the Redex to how much it would work out extra on top of each litre of fuel it is just 4.1p.
In my eyes if for an extra 4p a litre I will have a car which is less likely to have problems and saves me fuel it really does seem worth doing. I have never considered it before because it all seemed complicated to me, after all it is kept with oil and other car related things in the shops. I only venture in that area of the shops if I need windscreen washer fluid (and try to avoid that and get it done on a service!) but now I have found out more about Redex I am very keen to use it.
Would I buy or recommend Redex?
I think that for the small amount that it costs and the benefits that can be gained from it I would say it is a good buy. Fuel prices are constantly changing so I think I wouldn’t really notice that little extra and if actually it makes my fuel last longer then it isn’t really extra at all is it! More information about Redex can also be found here

This item was sent to me in return for a review on Just Average Jen. The words above are my own views of the product as I will always give my honest views of a product and will never guarantee a company a positive review, only that I will review and give my true honest experiences of a product.

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