Which dieter are you?

It occurred to me last night when I couldn’t sleep that I have many friends who all have different approaches to dieting and I was thinking back over the years how my views and experiences of diets have changed. I thought I would put together this, hopefully amusing, definition of the different dieters there are, and how to spot them! Which dieter are you?

The Weekday Dieter Whichever diet he/she is following it only ever happens during the week, at the weekend it is just never going to happen. The weekday dieter will sometimes lose weight like this and other times they wont but it will never be the fault of the wine or take away!

The Latest Thing Dieter Whatever the latest craze is with diets they have tried it, if you want the lowdown on what any diet involves this is the person to ask. They have tried cabbage soup for a week, baby food, no carbs, blood type diet, you name it they have tried it. The latest thing dieter has a book shelf full of recipe books for each diet they have tried, most looking rather new but they wont throw them away, you know, just in case!

The Counting Dieter This dieter loves the strictness of a diet that involves counting be it points, calories or grams of protein. He/she will often be found checking the nutritional information of items in the supermarket and will panic at the thought of eating out!

The Sneaky Dieter If you didn’t see them eat it then it shouldn’t count on the scales. The sneaky dieter will be really good at sticking to their diet until one of the children leaves some food on their plate or they spot a bargain at the supermarket to eat in the car on the way home! The Sneaky dieter will be upset when they don’t get the result they want on the scales until they sit and think about those extra sneaky bits!

The Lone Dieter He/she is eating different to their family and this makes things hard. In the supermarket they are buying small packs of everything and buy individual fruit and vegetables rather than packs. Often spotted glaring at their partner in the supermarket who is adding crisps and cakes to the trolley full of shopping!

The “It Will Fit” Dieter This is someone who is happy with their size most of the year however a short time before a big event the “It Will Fit” dieter buys an outfit in the next size down in order to slim into it for that family party. This dieter will often be seen buying all the healthy foods in the supermarket but looking longingly at the foods they were buying last week before they bought that outfit!

The Celebrity Dieter If the celebrities are eating it then so is he/she, if they swear by yoga then this dieter will try it. If it sounds horrible but a good looking celebrity is said to be eating it then the Celebrity Dieter will give it a go. In a supermarket you will find the celebrity dieter either picking up the latest magazines full of celebrity gossip or asking an assistant where something is that even the assistant has probably never heard of!

The Healthy Wine Dieter This is someone who has a really healthy diet but there is always those few bottles of wine in the trolley too. This dieter wont be binging on chocolate or crisps because they would rather save their points/syns/calories for a few glasses of wine! You will find the Healthy Wine Dieter near the latest low calorie wine in the supermarket or buying some diet lemonade to add to their wine to make it go further!

The Healthy Eater This is someone who looks at all the above dieters and remembers a time where that was them but this week they are just determined to be good. The Healthy Eater has a balanced mixture of foods in their trolley this week, they are determined this is the way they will continue but the reality is they could easily revert to one of the dieters again next week!

Which dieter are you now? Have you been any of the others? I think I have been most of them at some point! Leave me a comment to let me know what you think! Have I missed anyone?
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