10 tricks to make your BBQ or Summer Buffet healthy!

It is spring and almost summer, it is bank holiday weekend, and there is only a few weeks until we have another bank holiday weekend. Does this mean you have to eat unhealthy foods, drink lots and gain weight? No it certainly does not! Of course the choice is yours but if you want some tips to help you make your Barbeque or summer buffet healthy then here you go!

  1. Marinate any meat or Quorn without using oil! Mix the spices you like with fat free natural yoghurt or just put the spices on direct maybe with a little lemon juice, experiment but do you really need the oil? No you really don’t!
  2. Make your dips instead of buying dips, you can make really low calorie dips really easily, there are a few recipes on a previous blog post of mine here.
  3. Drinks can be fun and refreshing without being alcoholic or full of sugar, adding fruit to water or sugar free lemonade can be just as nice, not necessarily as every drink but think of the difference if you just swapped a couple of high calorie flavoured ciders for something like this?
  4. When its hot weather (I know we are in the UK but I can hope!) do you really want warm sausage rolls and drying out sandwiches or would vegetable sticks and a dip be more refreshing?
  5. Coleslaw, salsa, pasta salad, potato salad, all these extras we often have on a BBQ or buffet can be made so easily and so much healthier than many shop bought ones. Fat free fromage frais is great for things like this, I have some recipes on my recipe page here and many more can be found by searching the internet.
  6. Swap the meat or Quorn (or alternative) for the lowest fat options and remove any visible fat before cooking because when you are actually eating it will you notice the difference?
  7. Do you need a dessert with your buffet? What about summery fruit instead? A big bowl of fresh strawberries and fresh melon is so refreshing and when its hot (yes I am still dreaming!) they are much more refreshing than cake or melting chocolate fingers!
  8. If you are doing different food for the children just do the amount they will eat do not do extra because it will only tempt you and picking on chicken nuggets really wont fill you but those extra unnecessary calories will make all the difference on the scales if you are not careful!
  9. Barbeque some chunks of vegetables like peppers, it makes the food look so much more colourful and adds yummy vegetables to your meal very easily!
  10. Do everyone all these healthier options so you don’t feel like you are missing out!

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