11 things every stay at home parent knows!

If like me you are a stay at home parent you will already know all these things and I am sure will giggle along with me at how true this is!

1. The day that you have plans that have been arranged for weeks will be the day that your child feels ill in the morning, they are never ill but this is the day they actually will not seem themselves!
2. The exact time you can wait until before leaving for the school run has been worked out and tested numerous times, you collect them at 3.30 and you know that you can just make it on time leaving at 3.18!
3. From upstairs you can hear if your child is doing something to delay going to school and surprise them by shouting down that they need to get their socks on properly because you can just hear that the messing around is being done in barefoot!
4. You know all the things your child will spot on the way to and from school before they do, you see the aeroplane or the police car or that the neighbours cat is running across the road because these things are pointed out to you so often!
5. Spares, you always know where you can put your hands on a pair of spare swimming shorts or pair of gloves because this is not something that will make you run late.
6. If the phone rings at 9.15am your first thought is “oh no what’s the matter with him/her”
7. If the phone rings at 3pm your first thought is “oh no what have they done”
8. It matters what you wear on the school run because you don’t want the teachers and other parents to think that you’re a slummy mum who cant be bothered, but you sometimes change into comfy clothes when you get home!
9. You know what time the postman comes so if you are expecting something the entire day gets built around the postman’s expected time.
10. All the things you do during the day are oblivious to everyone else, they wonder if you get bored but don’t realise that you actually keep quite busy and at 3.18 when you leave for collecting them you wonder where the day is gone!
11. You are secretly quite envious of your working friends whether it is because of them having other adults to chat to during the day, work Christmas nights out, or the extra income.
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  1. Anonymous
    April 8, 2017 / 9:23 pm

    Well done Ben you're doing brilliant. Really enjoyed your video.

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