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This week for my coffee break chat I am chatting to someone very different. It is not another blogger but instead is someone I think is inspirational and you will all enjoy reading about. Josh, like many people is in debt, he is only 20 and wanted to get this sorted so he can move on in his life. To tackle his debts Josh has come up with an alternative to taking out more debt or struggling and has set up a business with a difference which I think you will love.


So, before we have a chat we need a cuppa, what do you prefer tea or coffee? How do you drink it? And what are your favourite biscuits?

I would have to say I much prefer coffee, I’m always drinking it! Morning, night… At jobs. I like it strong but with lots of milk. My favourite biscuits are just anything with chocolate: bourbons, chocolate digestive… I’m a sucker for chocolate.¬†
I recently came across your Facebook page Josh’s jobs and was instantly impressed. My readers are unlikely to know about you and your page so can you tell us a bit about it please?

Josh’s Jobs is basically my cry for help. I’ve very unfortunately accumulated a lot of debt and at the age of 20, I’m wanting to get this cleared as soon as possible. Only working a part time job is not enough to cover these debts, so I came up with the idea to help out the community in return for helping me – doing small ‘handy man jobs’ for however much the community would like to pay me.
So many people rely on credit to get out of debt and get into a cycle of more and more debt so what you are doing is great isn’t it?

I must admit, I am extremely proud of myself for doing this. I’ve been so close and tempted to take out more loans or credit cards just to condense all these debts into one, quite fortunately I came up with the idea to start Josh’s Jobs to prevent me from feeling like I have to do that. If not, I could’ve made everything 10 times worse!

Josh and his partner

So you are doing little jobs for people but charging just what they feel the job is worth and what they can afford. What made you decide to do that?

When someone contacts me with details of about a job, this helps me out greatly. Like myself, some people can’t afford to pay a professional‚Äč to come and do work in their home, or they’re just too busy to get work done… So because the community have very kindly decided to help me out by giving me jobs to do, I insist on returning the favour.
Do you work alongside this? What do you do?

Yes, I work part time as a waiter/bartender at a restaurant.

How are you finding the pay for your jobs are people being fair?

Absolutely! Every penny helps me out a tremendous amount. I’ve even had people give me extra food which is brilliant and wonderful of them! Different people can afford different things and that’s what is unique about Josh’s Jobs – I charge only what people can pay.

You are inspirational I think in doing this in my eyes, do you think more people could take a leaf put of your book so to speak?

Absolutely. I really hope to inspire others that are in debt. It’s definitely not easy, and it feels like there’s no way out – but never be ashamed to ask for help or do whatever it takes to get sorted. There have been countless times where I’ve wanted to do the unthinkable, but I just sit and realise there’s so many resources and things I can do to help myself. It takes time, but it’s worth it. I’m just thinking about that lovely holiday abroad when this is all cleared!¬†
Is there anything I’ve missed that you would like to add?

I just want to say a huge thank you for everyone that has supported me through this. Some of the nicest things that have ever been said to me have been said by complete strangers and I just feel like this has really kept me going. It’ll be a fair few years before I’m completely debt free, but it’s a lesson to be learnt and I can’t wait to start my life again.
If my followers want to follow your page or ask you to do work how can they find you?

I have been covering the Mansfield area but I’m now actually expanding into the whole of Nottinghamshire and parts of Derbyshire.
My Facebook page is www.facebook.com/joshsjobsmansfield
There you can find reviews, photographs and even competitions! If you wish to contact me, my mobile number is on there or you can contact the page directly and I’ll be in touch as soon as I can.

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