Goodbye my friend it is over!

In recent weeks I have decided that a part of my life needs to change, I can no longer carry on with things as they are and I know that I need to be stronger and more confident in myself so that I can change. My friend is the reason I am not happy and the reason I need to get rid of this friend for good.

Dear Fat,

I don’t want you in my life anymore, I used to love you and in some ways I still do because there was a time in my life you were there for me but not anymore. You make me unhappy and you make me so angry because you are horrible and ugly. You are nothing to me anymore it is over I want you out of my life for good.
You are not welcome here, I know I have invited you by stuffing my face on big packs of flapjack, hot cross buns and more flapjack but I didn’t mean it I don’t really want you. When I ate those things I knew they weren’t good for me but I hoped they wouldn’t turn into you. I was silly to think that I know.
Since I lost you I know you have been desperate to get back to me but we are over. I don’t want you anymore and this time when I get rid of you it will be for good. This is like a relationship I just can’t completely escape, one I know is wrong but is too tempting. Not any more, I am ending it for good this time. 
It is because of you that my favourite jeans no longer do up. It is because of you that I wobble again when I run. It is because of you that I have less confidence than I did. Most of all it is because of you that I have decided that this has to be over. I do not want you any more and this time it is for good.
You hide in the foods that scream at me in the supermarkets. the foods that are on offer and that makes them seem like they aren’t so bad. You hide in the foods that always seem to be reduced and seem like to good a snack to miss for just 10p. You hide in the foods which are next to the supermarket tills and jump onto the belt when I least expect it.
You pretend to be nice hiding in the foods I love but actually you are evil and sneaky, you make my thighs wobble, you make my clothes shrink and you make my smile disappear. I don’t want you here anymore and I want you to leave, this time it is for good.
When we were close you made it so I was out of breath all the time and hated myself so much. I am not letting you do that to me again. You can stay with those foods I know I don’t need and you can pay a visit to the bodies of people who need you, I don’t. Today is the day I am telling you that this time we are not on a break like before, you are dumped, for good!
Bye forever
Your Ex Best friend! 
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  1. April 15, 2017 / 9:07 am

    Omg jen that was so true to read it brought tears to my eyes. I have the worst best friend ever. Thanks jen for opening my eyes xxxx

  2. April 15, 2017 / 9:07 am

    Omg jen that was so true to read it brought tears to my eyes. I have the worst best friend ever. Thanks jen for opening my eyes xxxx

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