Wicked Uncle Science and Engineering Toys Review

I was lucky to be asked to review the Wicked Uncle website with some toys for their April theme of science and engineering. Ben was obviously very excited at the prospect of testing out a toy website and getting to order some toys! Though he did find the choice made him very indecisive.

The Wicked Uncle website wickeduncle.co.uk is an amazing toy and gift website for children of all ages from babies to teens. We were sent a voucher to order some items and have a good look over the website to see what we thought! Exciting or what, can you imagine being 11 and being told you have to chose some toys, poor Ben it is a hard life!
The website allows you to chose your toys by selecting either an age or a category or both. This is great for when you are buying a gift for someone elses child and you are not really sure what they like. I always struggle with buying for girls as, lets face it, it is a long time since I was a little girl! Ben of course is a boy and although so many toys are very unisex he is really not into some of the things young girls particularly are interested in. Also as Ben has special needs he doesn’t always like age appropriate things or struggles with the fine motor skills involved in some toys so in short, I am rubbish at buying presents for other peoples children!
The range of toys for each age group is fantastic with so much to chose from and everything is a bit different so it is very easy to get carried away finding lots of cool things that you want to buy. Of course it is for your child really isn’t it, but seriously there is some cool stuff I am sure didn’t exist when I was a kid! There is a variety of things for all prices too so its easy to find a unique gift for maybe £12.99 whilst there are more expensive items too so it is a site you can let your children loose on to some degree, expect a long list of requests for Christmas though!
Looking at the science and engineering type toys was great as that really is the kind of thing Ben loves. He really loves to see how things work and to “experiment” and these toys make his experimenting much more realistic than the time he had read Georges Marvellous Medicine by Roald Dahl (you know it I am sure?) and decided he was going to make his own medicine which we could really quite easily rename to a mess and describe it as soggy toilet roll in a bowl with expensive perfume and toothpaste!
After much deliberation the toys we decided on were the Fingerprint Kit, the Tin Can Robot kit and Top Secret Intruder Alarm Kit. It was so hard to choose though as there are so many fun kits that Ben was tempted by and I am sure that Father Christmas will have noted these down in preparation for next Christmas!
When the items arrived they were extremely well packaged and much to Bens excitement they had a joke on the packaging too which he has been telling everyone since so he was happy before he even opened up the contents. We opted not to have the items gift wrapped however I did notice that there was a lovely choice of gift wrap options. Adding a gift tag was free so we decided to test that out and it arrived in the package perfectly typed and looking good, unlike some companies where a gift message just appears on the invoice enclosed! I also liked that a postcard was enclosed so complete to send as a thank you letter to the person who sent the gift (both this and the gift tag were free of charge) as I believe it important that children learn to thank people for gifts from a young age.
The first of the toys Ben chose to play with was the Fingerprint kit, as you can see from my photos he absolutely loved it and cant wait to make his intruder alarm so that he can use the two together to ensure no one goes into his room moving his toys! What I don’t think he realises is that if anyone enters his room sometimes and comes out alive it would be a sheer miracle given the obstacle course of half build lego, discarded socks and controllers for his game consoles randomly dotted over the floor! Unfortunately I am a bad mum and keep forgetting to buy him the appropriate batteries for the intruder alarm so we haven’t built that yet!
The Quality of the toys were all brilliant and they came well packaged so there was no risk to damage in transit. Just to warn anyone looking to buy from them though the box is marked with Wicked Uncle so if it is a gift order them to arrive when the kids are out of the way! Royal Mail tracked delivery is included in the postage and packing price of £2.95 which is great because we all know where we are with Royal Mail don’t we, none of this getting cards and having to ring up a company you have never heard of to arrange redelivery because there isn’t a depot nearby!
With such interesting toys that keep kids away from the electronics of games consoles, tablets and endless TV I really think Wicked Uncle is worth a look because these toys can really keep children entertained for a decent length of time and of course that’s what we all want isn’t it. I hate toys that don’t last long and they are soon bored with as it seems such a waste of money! Ben loved his fingerprint set as I know he will love the tin can robot when we build that and the intruder alarm when bad mummy remembers to buy the AAA batteries at the supermarket so we can build that! Maybe then I can encourage Ben it will only work in a tidy bedroom…… now there’s a thought!
So, would I recommend Wicked Uncle? Yes I definitely would it is very much a one stop shop for all things fun when it comes to kids presents that you actually would want to enjoy with them! The prices are great, the service is great and I know there really is something they stock suitable for every child I buy Christmas gifts for, and some of the less mature adults! Pop over and have a look and I am sure you will soon be wishing these toys were around when you were a child!


Please note I was given a voucher to choose toys to review Wicked Uncle and asked to write a review to share what I thought. As usual I didn’t promise the company a positive review because I do not think this I fair on my readers. I promised a fair and accurate review of my experiences with them and above is a true account of how I felt when using the website. I also used Ben’s thoughts in writing this review and the only thing he would add that I didn’t is that I should have bought him more!

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