10 Tips for Money Saving on the Food Shopping!

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This evening when I popped into the supermarket for something I forget earlier, yes I know I should have written a list, I got some great yellow sticker bargains! That isn’t the only way to save money on food shopping though is it, there are plenty of other ways so I thought I would share a few for you.

This was today’s bargains for a total of just 84p!

1. Only buy what you need or know you have space in the freezer for! Wasted food is wasted money!

2. Buy frozen instead of fresh when you can, it is usually just as good quality!

3. Check which supermarkets are best value for your favourite items, I often use an app called my supermarket for this!

4. Swap brands – do you really need the expensive passata?

5. Eat according to the seasons, don’t buy strawberries in winter or root vegetables in summer.

6. Write a shopping list based on the meals you have planned so you don’t buy more “just in case”.

7. Watch out for special offers or reductions, they don’t always have to be used that day.

8. Check sites for samples and money saving coupons on products, you can find some Free Stuff from Gratisfaction UK from discount codes on delivery costs of online shopping to free samples of tea capsules!

9. Don’t just buy it because it is on offer, check the shelves, sometimes bigger packs look better value but when you check they actually aren’t!

10. Bulk buy things on offer that have long dates and you know you will use!

This is a Sponsored Post.

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