A Coffee Break with Charlotte from Cups of Charlotte

A Coffee Break with Charlotte from Cups of Charlotte
This week for my Coffee Break chat I am talking to the lovely Charlotte who blogs at www.cupsofcharlotte.co.uk. Charlotte is a mummy blogger but they are not a typical family, read on to find what makes Cups of Charlotte a bit different to other mummy blogs out there and if you have any exams coming up or children who do there are a few tips here too!

First things first, we can’t have a proper chat without a cuppa, can we! Do you drink tea or coffee? How do you like it? and what is your favourite biscuit?
No we sure can’t have a good chat without having a cuppa I love to drink coffee I think it sometimes is the only way I function. I have to take my coffee with a dash of milk, however, sometimes do take it black. I don’t ever add sugar because I am sweet enough as it is. At the moment, I think I would have to say my favourite is an Oreo if that is a biscuit.

I have read a lot of your blog but for my readers can you share a bit about who you are and about your blog?

I am Charlotte a twenty-one year old mum from Yorkshire, I have a daughter Jess who is 1 we are not your typical family. We are a military family however, we live an hour away from Daddy who at the moment is currently deployed to the Falklands until November.  I run the blog cupsofcharlote which is a bit of everything I do beauty, lifestyle and family topics I would say it is a reflection of my life.

You are not only a mum and a blogger but a student too, studying a sports degree. Which do you find the most challenging?

I couldn’t pick one element which I find the most challenging because is all is. I would say that finding time to fit in all these elements of my life is the challenging bit. I can be a student 8-6 Monday to Friday because that is the hours I pay childcare. However been a Mum doesn’t stop when I drop her off I am always worried about her and get mum guilt but I know this is all so she can have a better life. Blogging to me is a huge hobby but this is the one I would say I find more challenging because I never schedule time in to do it which is something I know I need to change.  

There are a lot of mummy bloggers out there, what makes your blog different to the others? Why did you start blogging?

I think because as you have alluded to previously I am not your typical mum because I am a university student while having a such a young child.  I have so much support which allows me to do everything because without my family who I still live with because of being a military girlfriend. Without them, I do not think I would have the strength to blog.  I was blogging before I became a mum but I wanted to become a mummy blogger because I wanted to record the memories because I had been warned how fast the time goes and they are grown up.
Do you plan on continuing blogging throughout your studies and on to work or further studies after university?
I want to with next year been my third year I do not know how possible this is going to be but I am going to try my hardest to be able to blog regularly. To me, it is a hobby which gives me a break from everything. I want to continue to an MSC in Physiotherapy I am unsure what I want to do after that as it will be a couple of years down the line I either want to work in elite sport, private practice or even have been looking at joining the army as a physiotherapist.
As someone who is studying sport at university, I guess you are quite fit and enjoy your sport? how do you find time for that too? What sports do you enjoy?
I do enjoy my sport not that I have much time to play it anymore so I am not as fit as I would like to be. I am sure this might change when things in my life become less hectic well that is if this is ever going to happen.  I love rugby league both playing and watching it, I hope that sport is something which Jess will enjoy in the future.
I feel that running has helped me a little with my self-esteem but what I most love about it is that when I am out running I think of nothing but my run. Probably because I am that determined not to fall flat on my face or get run over! I find it quite therapeutic, do you find exercise helps with your studies and with being a mum.
I do find exercise therapeutic because I have so much going on it means that it makes me have time for my brain to stop working and relax for a little bit. I have started going on even longer walks and taking Jess with me because I think it gives me time to her.  I would love to start running but currently, this is something which I do not think that I have the confidence to do it yet. I am still not loving my post baby body.
As a student, you must have so many words of wisdom for the youngsters out there sitting exams over the coming weeks and of course for their parents too. It is 14 years since I left university and so much has changed since then with technology etc. What advice would you give both mums and students as this exam period approaches?
I would say for students make sure that you do not stress too much because the more you stress the worse it will actually be. Make sure that you revise and prepare way before the exam periods because they will go so much better if you are prepared don’t let your friends call you a nerd for it.  If you’re a parent make sure that you are there for them if they want to talk do not nag them too much because they are under so much pressure. Make sure that they actually have time off because we all know how important it is to take a break

Is there anything else about you or your blog you are just itching to tell us?

I would love to thank Jen for letting me do this it is such a pleasure and honour to get asked to be part of this amazing series.

If my readers want to take a read of your blog where can they find it? Can they follow you on social media?

Of course they can they are the following:

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