A Coffee Break with Vanessa from Olivia’s New Life

This week for the coffee break series I am chatting to the lovely Vanessa who has a blog with a huge difference, it is a fictional blog so almost like reading a book chapter by chapter as they become available! I think it makes for such good reading and I was sure you readers would love it too so had to share!

First things first we can’t have a chat without a cuppa so do you drink tea or coffee? How do you have it? And what’s your favourite biscuit?

I am a HUGE herbal tea fan. One of my favourite is jasmine and green tea or Marco Polo by Mariage Frères. I love brownies, a lot more than biscuits.
I first came across your blog when I found you on Twitter and totally love it. It’s very different from any other blog I have read! I would say it’s more like a novel. Can you tell my readers a little about your blog and why you decided to start it?

Olivia’s new life is a blog about a 31-year-old mother, who is separated and turns her life around to become a doctor. She didn’t expect this decision to have such an impact on the way she viewed life. The characters are very much fictional, but a lot of the lessons are real.
I wanted to share my own experience via a blog as I changed career to become a doctor myself, and I have always liked writing fiction stories so I thought I could combine both together.

Is Olivia a fictional character or is she very much based on yourself?

Olivia and I have similar foundations. I based her story on my own experiences when I changed career to become a doctor.

How are you and Olivia similar and how are you different?

For us the decision-making process takes forever, weighing the pros and cons, second guessing every thought, because we are both scared to make mistakes. However, once we decide, we just go for it! We are both dreamers. SHE has a lot more style than me and does not mind to make a fool of herself, but I am more analytical than her.

Do you find writing Olivia’s story helps you to deal with stresses and dilemmas in your life?

Absolutely! Especially the stress of medical school. It’s my creative therapy to reflect upon past and current experiences. Funnily enough, I get very creative during exam periods, perhaps because I want to avoid revisions.

How do you feel about Olivia’s life are you sometimes jealous yours isn’t as simple as hers?

Actually, her life is a lot more complicated than mine. She is the jealous one (lol!) I am married, with a son, and this marriage brings a lot of stability. Poor Olivia, she must face many personal challenges by herself, as a single mother.

What made you decide to start a blog of Olivia’s story?

Becoming a doctor was a childhood dream, and a teenager dream, and even after I graduated from a business school the dream was very much alive. But I feared so many things, like blood, dealing with death, the intellectual challenge… I had to grow personally just to finally accept that I could do something about this dream. It took years!!! When I finally got accepted into medical school, the life coach, who helped me, suggested that I shared this journey. I liked that idea… and fiction and voila, Oliva was born.  

Do you think Olivia’s story will continue as long as you are a doctor or can you imagine it coming to an end?

Yes, I think so. I see her going through med school, training and becoming a doctor, but we will see how it goes.

What do you enjoy almost about your writing? And is there anything you don’t like?

I enjoy the creative process, thinking about twisted situations for Olivia and imagine how she would react or how her friends would respond. I also love drawing. But I am afraid of the lack of inspiration and I can get frustrated when nothing comes; I don’t like this feeling. 

Can you give my readers an idea of what is to come for Olivia? 
Now that she decided to change her career, she works to get an offer to medical school, but at the moment, she is going through a divorce. Even if she filed for it, changing is difficult.

If my readers want to read Olivia’s story where can they find you?
Yes, the blog is www.oliviasnewlife.com. Olivia is also on Olivia’s Instagram
And Olivia’s Twitter (I am not super active, but would be happy to welcome your readers)

If your readers want to discover Olivia from the beginning, they can download the first five chapters here (http://eepurl.com/ccW8jv)

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