Sock Shop – Heat Holder Socks – A review

As it is now the middle of May I appreciate sharing a review for heat holder socks may seem odd but bear with me! I always have cold feet, I never seem to be able to warm up when it comes to my feet so I was excited to try out these heat holder socks ( Usually I am a bit frugal and buy supermarket own brand socks and just opt for the thermal or thicker pairs rather than ones like this designed especially for the job! I was however surprised at the difference.

As a family we enjoy going to watch the football, well I say we, Stuart and Ben do, I just go along to accompany Ben as Stuart operates the Scoreboard at the Mansfield Town Football Club, our local team! Ben gets very involved in the football as obviously his experience on his Xbox playing Fifa gives him such knowledge in these things! I on the other hand am really not that interested in football, though the more I watch it the more I am getting to enjoy it a little more! I am more concerned with sitting and not freezing too much so these socks came in handy for us all!

Despite it being May now it can still be chilly and my feet definitely still feel freezing like winter often so I am loving the Heat Holder socks which are keeping my feet toastie warm! I have been surprised to discover that despite feeling as thick as the supermarket thermal socks I have they are actually much comfier and warmer! I would definitely agree with their tag line of “the ultimate thermal sock” as so far they are by far the best I have tried for these ice cold feet I have!

I guess the reason I have chosen supermarket thermal socks over these in the past is down to price, while these are more expensive I have washed them a number of times already and they seem to be holding up well so that’s a good sign. Stuart is also pleased that when I snuggle up to him in bed I no longer have stone cold feet! I think given how long socks last they actually don’t really work out that much more expensive and if it keeps my feet warm especially during the football it has to be worth it!

Wrapping up warm at the football!

Obviously the socks go great when snuggling with a hot chocolate and pyjamas on at home too, though I do think they should make a whole onesie out of the same fabrics with the same heat holding technology that would be amazing!

I was sent the socks in return for a review of them however as always I never promise a brand a positive review just that I will give them a good try and be honest about my feelings of them. The views above are purely my own and that of my family.

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