Starting a Blog – how easy is it?

Since I started my blog I have had quite a few friends ask me about my blog and how easy it is to start one! I am by no means an expert but thought I would share my experiences as I know there are possibly other friends who want to know but haven’t asked too!

Initially I started blogging as I thought it would be something that I would enjoy as a hobby. I was also aware that some people make money from blogs and didn’t rule out this in the future but this wasn’t initially in my plan. I wanted to share and inspire others with my weight loss and also share recipes and tips I came across as I discovered using Facebook alone I was often being asked the same questions again and again! If this post proves popular I will write some more in depth posts about blogging in the near future but for now I will concentrate on the common questions I have been asked and the things that I wondered before I started too!

Does it cost much to start a blog?

It doesn’t have to cost anything, if you want your own url like I have then you need to pay for this however you can have something like and that wouldn’t cost anything. Also there can be costs in web hosting and such but again this is not necessarily and I do not do this I run my blog through blogspot alone with a vanity url which costs around £10 a year. I have both the .com and addresses and redirect, if I chose just one it would be cheaper but a tenner a year isn’t bad! There are lots of things like designs, logo design etc you can pay for but it isn’t necessary.

Once you start blogging do you just get free stuff?

No, if only it was that simple! The products I have featured in my reviews have often been sent to me at no cost in return for a review but usually this starts out by a blogger contacting companies or replying to requests online and most brands will know who they want to work with as they consider it as advertising so they need to be sure that the cost of them sending the item is worth it based on your readers etc.

Do you get paid for all your posts?

Again, if only! There are sponsored posts where companies ask you to share a link to their products which a blogger can be paid for. Sometimes also reviews are paid for too as well as being given the product. This again relies on them being happy with your following and audience. There are lots of opportunities out there but as the owner of your website you still need to decide what you are worth and which companies you are happy to link to. For example I do not link to gambling companies, weight loss shakes or pyramid schemes. I also charge to share products on my social media but legally the products I am paid to share will always have #ad or a disclaimer so there is always that transparency. I will never share a product with my readers and not disclose that I was paid to do so! I wont tell you what I am paid though!

Affiliate links, what are they? Will they help me make lots of money?

If I disclose I am using affiliate links in my blog this is a form of advertising. If a reader clicks through that link to buy the product I would get a small advertising fee, we are talking pennies here and not pounds so this really is just an extra and only the really big websites would make much from these I think but a little extra it is all the same.

How often do I have to write blog posts?

This is entirely up to you, it is your blog! If you want to keep readers coming back then there needs to be some consistency and a brand will want to see that you have a good solid audience before they work with you usually but otherwise the choice is yours!

Do I need to be good at coding and computers?

Not really no, you need to be willing to learn bits and pieces but there are videos on YouTube and tutorials out there for pretty much everything now so if you put the work in to find how to do something you will be fine!

How do you get so many followers?

This is hard work, I put a lot of time into sharing my blog on social media and working with other bloggers, brands etc to get more and more people to see my blog. It wont happen over night and it isn’t easy so be prepared to put the work in! I currently (Mid May 2017 after 18 months of blogging but only around 9 months more seriously) have 23800 followers on Facebook, 2400 on Twitter, 8300 on Instagram and also some on YouTube and Pinterest! Links are all on the left hand side if you don’t follow me on any please do!

Is blogging all about statistics? Followers, Page views, Domain Authority, Rankings?

It very much depends what you want from your blog and how you want to progress with it. The statistics are what brands and PR agencies look for, they know that they want their products seen by a certain number of people and they focus on certain demographics. If you want to make money from your blog or reviewing items that you are given then the numbers are hugely important. If you are looking for somewhere just to share your photos and memories then you do not need to worry at all how many people are viewing your blog at any one time from anywhere in the world!

Do you make money from your blog?

I have made some money yes, not a living yet but I have made some, it is hard work but I love it! All money is declared appropriately and this needs to be considered too as this is an income and a job whether you earn £1000 a week or £1 a week it is still a taxable income and not going through the right channels can cause problems!

What shall I blog about?

That is up to you! It is your blog! There are so many blogs out there in every niche possible, if you want to blog about something then do it, what is the worse that can happen? Whatever you do just remember to be you, there is no point at all copying someone else’s blog who is already successful and hoping to be the same. Even in the same niche there are so many different aspects you can focus on. Make sure you have lots of your own ideas before you start your blog so that you are sure you can continue and not get stuck for ideas after a post or two!

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  1. May 19, 2017 / 10:10 pm

    Thank you, i just followed you back on twitter and i have read this post. And it is really helpful and is inspiring me to brainstorm ideas for my blog, i have created one with no content currently want to put a lot of thought and effort into it before i do. Your blog looks great, keep up the hard work.

    GiGi x

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