The Love Myself Challenge

The Love Myself Challenge
I have been very open on my blog previously that I struggle with self confidence and I know many of my readers and followers do too so I have created a challenge which I hope will help me and others to build our confidence in small steps. So please do have a read and consider joining in.

Do you wish you loved yourself as much as you loved your family and friends?
Do you wake up and hate what you see in the mirror?
Do you feel worthless and like you do not deserve anyone to like you?
Do you want to have more confidence and less hatred for yourself?

I am by no means an expert and I have low self confidence too but I do know that thinking and pointing out the positives to yourself regularly can help build your self confidence and recognise your worth to yourself. I have devised this as a 30 day challenge which can be started any time you like however if you share a comment or a picture on social media remember to add which day it is and use the hashtags to share with others what you are doing and also to maybe find others following the same journey.
If this is successful and helps me and my readers I will look at another 28 days following this on building confidence etc. I know Rome wasn’t built in a day and none of us will go from being so self conscious that we hate ourselves to oozing with confidence just after 28 days of little challenges but I do hope that it helps improve things a little! Whilst I appreciate these are not all things about body confidence I personally think self confidence is always more than just body confidence and it is all interlinked! Maybe comment on this post with how you are feeling now on a scale of 1 to 10. One being I hate myself so much I cant see there being any chance of improvement and 10 being I feel confident and happy with the person I am. Then at the end of the challenge you can do the same and see if there has been any change.

The Challenge!

These are things you can think to yourself maybe write down or take a photo for social media or just write down or do the tasks yourself. Try to think of them or do them a few times during the day and make sure that it is a true reflection of how you feel.

Day 1 – Which achievement in life are you most proud of?

Day 2 – Who are you invaluable to? Who relies on you? And why?

Day 3 – What have you done today that has made someone else smile?

Day 4 – Do something today that is purely for your enjoyment, not a necessity, whether that be reading a book or just spending a few seconds putting your favourite perfume/aftershave on.

Day 5 – Look at your reflection every time you see a mirror and smile

Day 6 – What part of your personality do you like the most?

Day 7 – Do something today that you find a little difficult but will be proud of when you achieve and step a little out of your comfort zone.

Day 8 – Find an object or photo that reminds you of a time you were confident and happy even just for that day and remember how amazing you felt.

Day 9 – Wear something today that makes you feel good whether that be more make up, favourite earrings or a nice top etc.

Day 10 – What part of your body are you happy with? Or hate the least?

Day 11 – Ask a friend or loved one what makes you special or what they love about you and accept their answer without questioning it.

Day 12 – Spend a few minutes sitting alone thinking of your successes this year whether that is passing an exam or just remembering a birthday or paying the bills on time and praise yourself.

Day 13 – What makes you a good friend?

Day 14 – Do something today that is putting yourself before others where you would normally put them first. For example suggest to your partner what you would like for tea rather than asking what they want. You are worthy of being put first sometimes!

Day 15 – Think of something you are good at that others you know cant do, or can not do as well and be proud of that.

Day 16 – Start a conversation with someone you would not normally talk to, maybe another parent at the school gates, a colleague in a different department at work, or the cashier at the supermarket! It doesn’t have to be much just be brave enough to say “Good Morning” or similar.

Day 17 – Chose a new outfit or one that you own but have not had the confidence to wear and put it on, even just in the house with no one looking, look at yourself and tell yourself that you look good and you can be confident enough to wear it.

Day 18 – Look in the mirror and find another part of your body you are happy with, not the part you chose on day 10.

Day 19 – Spend an extra couple of minutes making yourself look good today and then smile as yourself as you see you look great!

Day 20 – Do something that makes you happy for at least 5 minutes, make time for yourself.

Day 21 – Sing out loud to your favourite song, you can do this on your own if you prefer!

Day 22 – Write down five things that make you a good parent, partner, or friend

Day 23 – Throw away or put to the back of a cupboard something you wear when you feel down and lacking in confidence, something you hide away in.

Day 24 – Think of something critical you say about yourself, write it down and throw it away, it is not true!

Day 25 – Look at your reflection in the mirror at least 3 times today and say “I am good enough”.

Day 26 – Spend today remembering at every possible opportunity that you have had so many successes in life and they far out way the failures, if it helps write them down!

Day 27 – Think about the people who have told you that you are worthless before, are they really anything special? Or did they say it because they hate themselves? Remind yourself their opinions do not matter.

Day 28 – Look at yourself in the mirror and think of three things you love about yourself and the way you look and three things you love about your personality.

I am not promising this will help anyone but I know this is the kind of thing that really helps me to have a focus of accepting myself and being happier with myself so I o hope that it helps some of you too. Maybe buddy up with a friend and do it together so you remind each other? Don’t forget to use the hashtag if you post on social media so I can see how everyone is doing! I would love lots of people to get on board with this so please consider sharing and giving it a go!


Please do comment and let me know how you get on! I will post all my photos and comments on my social media (links to all on the left feel free to follow me) and for anyone who doesn’t use social media I will post a blog post in 29 days about how I feel I have got on!

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