The You Have to Laugh Blogger Quiz

The You Have to Laugh Blogger Quiz
So, the guys over at You have to laugh created a little bloggers quiz where bloggers tag each other to do it and tell everyone a bit more about them so we get to know other bloggers. Also it is great as it helps our readers know different things about us! So read on to see what silly questions I was asked, the answers I gave and maybe find out some random different things about me you may have otherwise never known, or even wanted to know!

1) Fill in the gap: Before I had children I never …..

Believed that I would lie to my child! More fool me…..we all do it don’t we, we need to because if we didn’t lie about what time we went to bed how would Santa bring their presents? Ben needs to know important things like that there is an alarm on my phone that if he tries to buy anything on the Xbox it alarms, and that the pin number on my bank card changes daily! I am playing an important part in educating my son on these important things and if he wants to be a doctor he will need to know that the way babies are born is just a mystery to everyone except doctors!

2) What is the most annoying toy that your child owns or has owned and why?

It definitely would have to be anything that comes with a magazine as a “free gift” or with a fast food meal, those things are far too easy for kids like Ben to get attached to and they are rubbish. I smuggle them into the bin with such style and experience a drugs trafficker would be proud!

3) Would you rather be covered in poo or covered in puke?

Poo definitely, the smell goes quicker than puke! I think so anyway! I have had far too much experience of both… kids eh! Also it is less likely to put you off a food, puke just has that tendancy doesn’t it to put you off things like carrots for a while!

4) Is Peppa Pig more annoying than Postman Pat is bad at his job? Discuss.

I must say I have never really watched Peppa Pig so I would have to say Peppa as I think Postman Pat is just amazing! Postman Pat is very efficient really he delivers the mail, along with solving all sorts of other issues along the way!

5) What time constitutes a lie-in in your house now and how does this compare to your pre-child days?

On a weekday it would be 5.40am as I get up with Stuart to sort his lunch and snacks for him to take to work. On a weekend it is more like about 8am, 9 on a Sunday! In my younger days I would often only be going to bed at 5am after cooking drunkenly for half the campus of the university!

6) What is your favourite swear word or swear word combo and when was the last time you used it?

Definitely “for f*c*s sake”, it gets ranted regularly when I am on the laptop, at bedtime when I mutter it under my breath when yet again Ben has not chosen his book or put his washing in the washing basket and often when driving through traffic when faced with drivers who just cant say thank you! I last used it about five minutes ago when I thought I had lost a draft of a blog post!

7) Tell us your worst ever nappy or potty training experience.

This would most definitely have to be the time Ben ate a huge pot of glitter, it made for a sparkly colourful experience but also made the consistency rather unpleasant!

8) There is no electricity and won’t be for the next week. NONE. After eating the contents of the freezer (assuming you have a gas cooker) what the hell do you do with yourself?

Find someone with food, electricity and a spare room and move in!

9) If you didn’t need the money and didn’t have a little one what would you spend your days doing?

Drinking, sunbathing and eating!

10) If squirrels ruled the world, what do you think would be the advantages and disadvantages?
No one would ever go hungry because they would store food everywhere, the disadvantage would definitely be that they would chew everything! They are cute creatures I think but also rather creepy, I’m not sure I would like to come face to face with a whole gang of nasty squirrels!
11) If you could have anyone round for dinner, alive or dead, which 3 people would you choose? (NB – If you pick a dead person they would be alive during dinner – you wouldn’t just be dining with a corpse. That would be creepy)

I would totally love to meet David Walliams, Jeremy Kyle and Holy Willoughby. Random three people I know but I am sure it would prove to be a rather fun and also hilarious conversation! Plus Jeremy Kyle is a bit of all right isn’t he! Holly would have to be my woman crush too she is just gorgeous!

12) What is your favourite funny blog post ever (your own, or someone else’s)?

I have read so many funny blog posts I really wouldn’t know where to start, one blogger I do think shares a lot of funny things is and this recent post made me giggle, go have a read but not while you’re eating!

Now I am supposed to tag some fellow bloggers, which I have just underneath. They then tag my goodself and You have to laugh.  Stick it on Twitter too #yhtl you get the picture.

I was also supposed to change a couple of the questions to my own but
1) I’ve been poorly and kept forgetting to do this post as it was!
2) I can’t think of anything equally as fun and random! – if you would like to change 2 questions, lovely ladies, do feel free.

I’m tagging:

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  1. May 18, 2017 / 8:27 am

    I love you reasoning behind the squirrels ruling the world, thanks for tagging me 🙂

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