Ben makes me proud at Slimming World

This last 2 weeks Ben has made me very proud at Slimming World. He is only 11 and he has special needs but I am so immensely proud of him. If you follow me on social media you more than likely will know some of what I am going to say but read on as I haven’t posted all of it. If you don’t follow me on social media then why on earth not?! (Links are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest). Read on to see why I am such a proud mum!

A week ago Ben achieved his stone award and collected the certificate this week, he wasn’t staying to group last week and it was at a different venue so he wanted to get it properly. Ben joined Slimming World around 6 months ago because he wanted to make more healthy choices.

I am not just proud of Ben for losing a stone in weight and achieving his club 10 (losing 10% of his start weight) but I am proud of the young man he is becoming. Ben is making so much more healthy choices and these are coming naturally to him now.

Ben used to think nothing of eating a big bar of chocolate if he spent his pocket money on it and would be upset if I suggested he save some. Now without even being asked Ben automatically has a little and saves the remainder for other days.

Ben used to think he was hungrier than he was and wouldn’t allow time for food to settle before thinking he needed more food. Ben now accepts the appropriate portion sizes and when it is time to stop eating.

Ben eats so much more variety of fruit and vegetables now and he enjoys them, if he is still a little hungry after a meal he knows the next stop is fruit. Ben loves having a sandwich with lots of cucumber or pepper rather than the old Ben who wouldn’t think that was enough.

Ben is more sensible with sauces and does not have extortionate amounts of ketchup or mayonnaise on meals and still enjoys them with a little squirt!

Ben has always enjoyed cooking with me but now when we cook together we make healthy meals rather than chocolate cakes etc. Ben loves helping cut vegetables up and making his own meals.

Ben has changed all these habits and embraced them and loves the way he feels. Ben has not been on a diet, he isn’t dieting now, he is eating healthier meals and making those choices himself. It has all been about educating Ben about which foods he should choose first and which foods should only be eaten in moderation or as a treat.

Ben is not only changing the way he eats as a result of going to Slimming World but he has developed socially too. Ben has autism and struggles in social situations but going to group every week is helping him cope more and more with the demands of social situations. He still struggles that we cant win the raffle every week or that it is busy and can feel boring waiting for the consultant to talk to you in group but he is doing so well and I as his mum and Stuart as his dad really could not be prouder of him. He has always been an amazing young man but now he is healthier too!

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