Getting The Perfect Fitting Bra

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As I lost weight my bra size obviously changed and as a lady who suffers a lot with confidence I find going bra shopping, particularly being measured and trying on underwear quite stressful. At the time I was a bit reluctant to buy online but now I look back I really don’t know why! The choice is good and it is straight forward to see what sizes each bra comes in, no rooting around the racks and them all falling off their hangers!

I have just come across the website The Bra Closet which makes it so incredibly simple. The website has instructions of how to measure yourself for a bra if you are unsure of your size maybe due to pregnancy or weight loss. Also it boasts a brilliant section showing what problems you may currently have with a bra and how to rectify this, so if your bra is riding up at the back you need a smaller band for example.

Size does matter!

How frustrating is it when you go onto a website and see a beautiful bra and then click to the size options and yours isn’t there, it doesn’t go big enough! I have suffered with this a few times, at my largest I was wearing bras far bigger than most shops sell yet when I reached my target I was fitting into a 32DD which is often not available either! Since I have currently gained a bit of weight so I am above target it is less of an issue!

The wrong size bra is uncomfortable, and not only that can cause long term problems so the face that on The Bra Closet website I can click on my bra size and see everything available is perfect. This reduces the risk of temptation to squeeze into another bra because I spot it and like it! The sizes offered by their website are vast from a tiny 28A to a busty 52JJ you would be hard pressed to say they don’t do your size!

Sexy and Practical

Whilst we all like some lovely sexy undies we all like simple practical ones too and it is hard work if both have to be bought at separate shops so I was pleased to see The Bra Closet does a good variety of styles to suit everyone which you can search by colour so easy when you need something specific for under that gorgeous dress!


So many places sell swimwear in only a few simple colours or styles and I don’t know about you but I want something a bit different. I don’t want to go to the beach and be wearing a swimsuit the same as everyone else! The Bra Closet has a huge range of swimsuits from bikinis and tankinis to one piece costumes and things to help cover up if you feel you need a beach dress or cover up too. I personally love the look of their Miraclesuit one piece swimming costume it looks amazing!

Something Slimming?

Have you read all of this and thought “no I couldn’t wear any of that I want something to make me feel better about my body” and you are looking for shapewear? The Bra Closet sell that too, not just one or two items like you can often find in stores but a huge variety!

That difficult outfit or problem bra?

We all have one of those dresses don’t we, it fit well in the shop but when we get home it just doesn’t work with any bra we own! It feels like we need superglue or some kind of miracle but actually a bit of tape designed for this would be perfect or nipple covers. The Bra Closet even sells these, various items such as tape, nipple covers, bra extenders, whatever it is you need they seem to sell!

So what are the downfalls of The Bra Closet?

They seem to sell every kind of lingerie I could ever imagine wanting along with tights (even in plus sizes which I wish I had discovered when I was bigger!), swimwear, shapewear and even menswear items. I love the fact they sell men’s items because it means you can pop a few bits for him in with the order and distract from the fact you have bought so much new underwear! Men never understand the need for so many different bras do they!

The only downfall I did find was the fact I have to be organised, as its an online store the earliest I can get an item is the next day so rather than leave it until the last minute to chose an outfit for a special night out or event I need to be a little organised! The delivery prices are reasonable though and if you are more organised than me, and more patient than me, then 2nd class delivery in the UK is free! I hate waiting for things though so would probably pay to upgrade!

Returns of course are welcomed as long as the item is in original condition (like anywhere really) so if in doubt you can chose a few styles and sizes and return what doesn’t fit or you don’t like. Though don’t do what I do and forget to return things and end up with a draw full of underwear in varying sizes!

Little Extra Advice from Me!

If you do pop over to their website be sure to check out the sale as there are some bargains! I just spotted a swimsuit I am rather tempted by down from £50 to £14.95. I have ordered a nude strapless bra for the summer so I will keep you updated on how that fits etc.

This is a Sponsored Post

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