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What do you have on your walls at home? Family photos? Quotes and phrases? Pictures and canvases from high street stores? This is the sort of thing we have and I imagine many of you do too. Why don’t you have a real painting rather than a print of one purchased from somewhere on the high street and mass produced? Did you, like me, presume it would be too expensive? Finding the idea of walking into a gallery and not being able to afford anything daunting? Well there is another way and you can buy a genuine painting from just £25, meet the artist here and take a look.

This is Matt Forster, a 42 year old artist from the North East. He first opened a gallery in 2003 and has gone from strength to strength since! Matt is a friendly chap and has a Studio and Gallery in Hexham, Northumberland. He paints there 5 days a week and welcomes visitors to pop in and say hello with no pressure at all. After chatting to him over the phone I can genuinely say he is a nice guy and so down to earth so there is no need at all to feel intimidated. He has sold art across the world with a growing market in the United States.
I love that he uses wine glasses for paint!
I am no huge fan of art and don’t pretend to know all the different techniques and such but I do know what sort of things I like and what I don’t like. Personally I think that is all that matters, finding art you like and can afford and that you want to see on the walls of your house. I absolutely love the idea of having something a bit different, not something that looks like it is out of a catalogue and that everyone else has too! I love the idea of a genuine piece of art not something produces on a production line somewhere! Until I came across Matt and this project I really didn’t think that was possible but I am pleased to tell you it is!
So, you’re thinking what’s the catch here? No one with their own gallery sells pieces for £25 unless its postcards or prints right? Wrong! Matt actually does! Not all of his work is that kind of price, he regularly sells work with around a £5000 price tag so this is a unique and amazing artist here with some more reasonably priced work available too for people like me and you who aren’t looking to spend anywhere near that much! Through the Kickstarter campaign here you can buy original art from Matt for a £25 pledge. More about how Kickstarter works below.
Anyone who is self employed has to look at how to raise money for new ideas and expansion whether they are a plumber, a guitar teacher or an artist. Matt is no different, his current ambition is to document his recent colour paintings in a limited edition artist’s book of 100 copies. This is not just any book, it is hand bound in a handmade case, the photos of the art are taken by a fine art photographer so contain the same detail as the original but obviously producing this costs money so Matt is using Kickstarter.
Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform where members of the public pledge money to help Matt to achieve this dream. In return for pledging money there are rewards such as a painting or limited edition print signed and numbered. I know this sounds risky but it really isn’t, each phase of the campaign can only go ahead if all the money he is seeking is pledged and then your reward will be sent to you. So far in stage 1 of his campaign Matt aimed to raise £1500 and within 4 days had already exceeded his target! This phase of his Kickstarter campaign finishes in a couple of days so you have to be quick to get one of the pieces of art on offer for that phase. Phase 2 will then start in about a weeks time in the same nature but with different pieces on offer for rewards.
The paintings available through the Kickstarter programme are unique, no two are the same and the price makes them even more unique. These paintings usually retail for a lot more in his gallery but he is making them available in this way in order to fund his dream of producing the artists book. Producing this book is a long process so he has broken it down into 3 Kickstarter campaigns so you still have time to get in on the action and get yourself a unique piece of art for a really affordable price! These paintings are only available through the Kickstarter project so you can get art with a usually higher price tag for much less so a truly unique opportunity.
This is one of my favourites of Matts paintings, it is Durham
Matts website is
The link to the first stage of the Kickstarter (finishes Sunday 2nd July 2017 6pm) here
The link to the second stage of the Kickstarter (starting on Tuesday 4th July 2017) is here please note that this is a preview and subject to changes before it starts!
Matts Twitter Account is here
If you think that you may be interested in purchasing an original piece of art and helping Matt with his Kickstarter campaign it is really simple with the links above. If you are undecided why not take a look and follow Matt on Twitter and keep updated of the next parts of his Kickstarter campaign. If you pop him a message with your email address he can email you updates of the project when each stage opens etc.
This one is so clever too!
If you are near Hexham or fancy a trip up that way Matt’s Studio and Gallery is at:
M J Forster Gallery
3 St Mary’s Chare
NE46 1NQ

Good art these days is hard to find!
(sung to the tune of “A Good Heart” by Feargel Sharkey) – cheesy I know but this is good art and once a friend had said this to me in relation to this article it just fit!
Please note Matt Forster is sending me a painting as a way of thanking me for writing about him on my blog but the views above are all my own.

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