Sweet Banana Pots – Great for kids to make!

This is a recipe Ben loves because he can make it himself. It takes a few minutes and you really can’t go wrong. Ben loves the fact that he is using a proper recipe and making something for us. The recipe is from the Slimming World little book of light bites but as you can see below is easy!


3 tbsp. fat free natural yoghurt
1 tsp sweetener, or to taste
1 banana, sliced
grated nutmeg or a pinch of cinnamon (Ben uses ground nutmeg)


1 Level teaspoon of runny honey (1 Syn)


Mix the yoghurt and sweetener in a ramekin or small bowl, the ice-cream sundae dishes Ben uses are ideal.

Stir in the banana

Dust with a little pinch of nutmeg or cinnamon

Drizzle over the honey if using.


A few words from Ben about this recipe

To make this yummy pudding last longer I cut my banana in lots of small pieces and use a teaspoon to eat it. Sometimes I make extra for me because I know the yoghurt is free!

I love how this is a really quick recipe, it says in the book it takes five minutes but with practice it takes less!

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