20+ Ways with Quark – from Pasta to Baileys Cheesecake!

One of the weird and wonderful things I had never heard of before I joined Slimming World but it became quite a staple in my diet and helped me lose so much weight I am sure. When I first started my blog back in autumn 2015 one of my first posts was about Quark and its uses and as it has always been popular so I thought I would write a new more detailed one! So here are a variety of Quark recipes from Pasta to desserts.

What is Quark?
Quark is a soft cheese made with skimmed milk. It has a thick consistency similar to Greek yoghurt or sour cream. Whilst it has been around since the 14th century especially in Germany and Eastern Europe it has become more popular over recent years with to people following low fat diets. Quark is high in protein and very low in fat. It is very versatile and can be used in a variety of recipes from dips to main meals and even in desserts! Flavoured Quarks are also now available but they are not all quite as low in calories. Here I have compiled a selection of some recipes using quark which I am sure you will love, some are in blog posts with other recipes you will love too. Some are mine some are from other bloggers!

Strawberries and Cream

Chocolate Brownies (NB. Some people would consider this a “tweak” on Slimming World)

Tips and other uses for quark

  • If you want to use it to make a creamy topping for lasagne or moussaka mix 250g quark with 3tbsp fat free fromage frais and a pinch of nutmeg.
  • Don’t heat quark on its own (its fine when mixed with other things usually like stock, fromage frais etc) or it will curdle/split!
  • It can be bland in sandwiches or similar but adding a few fresh herbs or tomato can help.
  • Quark can be eaten on a Slimming World SP day!
  • If a curry or chilli is too spicy stirring in some quark can help!
  • To make mashed potato creamier without adding milk or butter add a spoonful of quark!
  • Quark can be used instead of cottage cheese in many recipes
  • To avoid the syns or extra calories of flavoured quark, use some flavourings or essences to flavour it! 

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    We was just on about quark last night on sales table in group lol. Ty hun I've shared this to my sw group page. Brilliant as always xxxx

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