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I love doing bloggers tag posts so when Rhian from http://www.rhianwestbury.co.uk tagged me in the ’50 Questions You’ve Never Been Asked’ tag it was another chance for me to share random nonsense with you that you really didn’t know you would ever want to know about me!

A lot of these questions are pretty unique and not one’s I’ve seen on a lot of tags flying around so here are some unique things you might not know about me and most likely will find bizarre!

01. What’s your favorite candle scent?
Vanilla, whilst on one hand this sounds boring it really isn’t, when you find the perfect vanilla it just smells so lovely!
02. What female celebrity do you wish was your sister?
I guess I would have to say Kate Middleton, she has a style and persona I admire and lets face it if she was my sister I would surely be rich and get to go on some amazing holidays with her and stay in a palace once in a while! Either her or someone like Jessica Ennis the athlete.
03. What male celebrity do you wish was your brother?
I think it would have to be someone like Mo Farah, he is just amazing!
04. How old do you think you’ll be when you get married?
I got married at 31 and it was a huge mistake for so many reasons. Whilst I am very happy now and want to be with my boyfriend Stuart forever I don’t think I would ever get married again. Never say never though!
05. Do you know a hoarder?
I am a bit of a hoarder but Ben really is a hoarder, I dread to think how much he will try to keep as an adult, as it is now I have to smuggle rubbish out of his room with the stealth of a Columbian drugs smuggler!
06. Can you do the splits?
No, I always wanted to and secretly I still would quite like to but I am nowhere near bendy enough!
07. How old were you when you first learned how to ride a bike?
I guess I would have been about 5, I’m not sure really, must remember to ask my mum!
08. How many oceans have you swum in?
I cant swim but I have paddled in the Mediterranean and various places around Britain and Northern France that’s it!
09. How many countries have you been to?
Not many, France, Mallorca (Spain), Malta, Scotland and England! I’ve never even been to Wales or Ireland!
10. Is anyone in your family in the army?
My half brother is in the army.
11. What would you name your daughter if you had one?
I would love the name Elsie maybe as a middle name after my Great Grandma who was amazing.
12. What would you name your son if you had one?
Well I Have Ben already so I guess if I had another boy it would be maybe a Thomas or something like that, a nice normal name as such, I like names people can spell and than can be shortened. Ben is officially a Benjamin!
13. What’s the worst grade you’ve got on a test?
D – I got a D in GCSE history and GCSE English Literature, also got a D in a couple of my A-Levels. I failed a Driving Theory test though if that counts?
14. What was your favourite TV show when you were a kid?
Saved by the bell! I think back and wonder why though it was rubbish!
15. What did you dress up as for Halloween when you were 8?
I don’t remember ever dressing up for Halloween, my mum shares the same view as me really that it is just glorified begging!

16. Have you read any of the Harry Potter, Hunger Games or Twilight series?
No, I haven’t read any of them!

17. Would you rather have an American accent or a British accent?
British, the Americans say some crazy things!

18. Did your mother go to university?
She did Open University.

19. Are your grandparents still married?
My grandparents on my fathers side passed away when I was very young, my Grandad on my mums side died when I was 15 but my Grandma is still alive and is amazing!

20. Have you ever taken karate lessons?
No, I once tried Judo but only once, its not my kind of thing, not bendy enough ha ha.

21. Do you know who Kermit the frog is?
Yes but I truly don’t think I have ever actually watched The Muppets!
22. What was the first amusement park you went to?
I went to Lightwater Valley when I was 13 with school!

23. What language beside your native language would you like to be fluent in?
Japanese or Chinese, I find them so fascinating in that they are so different.

24. Do you spell the colour grey or gray?
I spell it grey!

25. Is your father bald?
I don’t think so but I haven’t seen him for years so who knows now!

26. Do you know any triplets?
No I don’t actually thinking about it, wish I did though that would be cool!

27. Do you prefer Titanic or The Notebook?
I’d have to say The Titanic as I have never seen The Notebook!

28. Have you ever had Indian food?
Yes and I love it, especially biryani and making my own!

29. What’s the name of your favourite restaurant?
I am not sure I have one but I do like it when somewhere serves a good variety of vegetarian food as too many places don’t give you much option!
30. Have you ever been to Nandos?
Yes though only this year, I had never been before that!

31. Do you belong to any warehouse stores (Costco, Bookers, etc.)?
No, never have!

32. What would your parents have named you if you were the opposite gender?
Jonathan apparently!

33. If you have a nickname, what is it?
My name is actually Jennifer which gets shortened to Jenny or Jen but otherwise I don’t really get called anything else except mum!

34. Who’s your favourite person in the world?
My son Ben would have to be my favourite!

35. Would you rather live in the countryside or the city?
Countryside but near enough to the city to not be too isolated!

36. Can you whistle?
Yes but not overly well!

37. Do you sleep with a nightlight?
No, does anyone who is an adult!?

38. Do you eat breakfast every morning?
I generally snack on fruit but don’t eat a proper breakfast no.

39. Do you take any pills or medication daily?
Yes, I am on antidepressants and inhalers.

40. What medical conditions do you have?
I have depression, asthma, and I am always taking antihistamines as seem to react to all sorts!

41. How many times have you been to the hospital?
For myself maybe about 4 times, I’m not sure really!

42. Have you ever seen Finding Nemo?
Yes, but ages ago!

43. Where do you buy your jeans?
I buy them wherever I see some I like! I don’t tend to like New Looks jeans as they never seem to fit me properly but Tesco ones always fit well along with Next.

44. What’s the last compliment you got?
Stuart tells me I look gorgeous all the time so I am not sure probably an hour or so ago before he went out!

45. Do you usually remember your dreams in the morning?
Yes and I have some really bizarre dreams I should share with you all at some point! Stuart often is made to apologise for something he did in my dream!!

46. What flavour tea do you enjoy?
I’m not a huge fan of normal tea but I love flavoured teas and my latest favourite is a Pina Colada one I bought in Mallorca.

47. How many pairs of shoes do you currently own?
Far too many, about 20 pairs I would guess, and I’m not going to count as then I will feel bad I have so many!

48. What religion will you raise your children to practice?
I am a Catholic, I don’t take Ben to church though really I would like to and should. I teach him my general beliefs in conversation but not formally as such.

49. How old were you when you found out that Santa wasn’t real?
I really don’t know what you are talking about, don’t say that or you wont get presents!

50. Why do you have a blog?
I have a blog because so many people told me I should share my weight loss story and it seems a sensible way to share it, then it developed really to what it is today!

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